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Most games attempt to focus heavily on realism, however, nothing could be further from the truth with this new title from Psyonix. Perhaps it’s the combination of genres that will have you curious, after all, vehicular combat and soccer is a sure unexpected mix. Thinking outside of the box isn’t something many developers do, they like to go with an old and proven strategy, but this game does the complete opposite. Let’s take a look at weather Rocket League has what it takes to warrant the download.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the game is currently free for all PlayStation Plus members – so take advantage of this whilst you still can.

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As you initially start the game, it’s down to you as to whether you’ll jump straight into an online match, or home-in on your skills using either the tutorial or seasons mode. Obviously, your best option is to learn how things work, get used to the controls, and get clued into the world of Rocket League.

Gameplay consists of using your vehicle to ultimately get the giant ‘bomb ball’ in the back of the net. You’re able to jump, twist and perform turbo boosts, which are powered by collectable boosters within the arena. Working as a team is key to winning matches, that’s if you aren’t playing a 1v1, obviously. You’ll also unlock new vehicles, items and more as you progress – you can even attach your country’s flag to your car. If competitiveness is your thing, then take my word for it, this is worth trying out.

Online matchmaking is generally very smooth, if a player leaves then the game wont auto-end, you’ll be assigned an AI opponent. As the game matures, expect getting into a game to become even easier. I found that the average time to find a game was around 30 seconds.

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Perhaps it’s the little cars zooming around that will give you a few smiles and giggles, but it’s completely crazy and full of fun. However, if you love gaining trophies, then you’ll be pleased to read that the majority are very easy to achieve.

Not sure about you, but if you’ve ever owned a Nintendo N64 console, then you’ll probably feel as though this game brings back a few Mario Kart Memories, in some strange way – it did for me. Whilst you might not be racing each other, it has the same cheerful colours, and definitely that battle aspect to it.

The music in games isn’t generally something worth highlighting, however, that’s not true with Rocket League. After all, the lively gameplay is brought to life even more with many of the tracks, here’s one you can check out.

Rocket League_20150713224430

With hardly any criticisms, I think that there could have been more arenas on offer, although I’m sure this will come further down the line with future DLC. Perhaps some snowy arenas could add even more craziness to the mix, with drifting and unpredictability a notch greater.

Psyonix have provided us with something completely new and unique – and it all works so well. From the colourful areas and graphics to the complete and utter mayhem – it’s sure to have the majority addicted. What’s more, you’ll only find Rocket League on PS4 and PC, meaning XBOX One miss out of this one. If you’re after realism then you won’t find it with this title, however, if you’re after fun – it’s loaded with it. Definitely check this one out if you don’t mind casual games that offer a competitive edge!

Rating – 9 / 10

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