Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch Review

The good old days of playing table top game have long since passed us by and today the table top game has been replaced with the gaming console. If you were fortunate enough to play the Warhammer board games, then your expectations for the PS4 version are probably pretty high. That would be the good news, the bad news is that expectations don’t always live up to what you actually get. Between playing Warhammer and Space Hulk, I was the master of the board game universe and when I heard there was a PS4 version of Warhammer coming out, I was the first in line to get a copy.

The one thing that you will notice and love about the PS4 version of the game is that it is simply you versus the aliens. This seems like a basic concept that will provide you a chance to feel like the hero of the galaxy. Lets face it with this kind of objective, it is simple, you will either be the salvation for humanity or you will be the sole purpose that mankind falls, no pressure though. Its a good thing that the controls for this game are not complex and that the actual game play is easy to catch on to once you begin to play.

Just like the board game predecessor, the game is turn based and you must complete certain objectives in order to advance. This can range to surviving five rounds to poisoning a specific biopod pool. This in turn lets you still have that board game feel or if you are younger than the era of board games, you can get a true experience in the fact that you can play a true turn based game. All in all Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch is quite possibly possibly one of the best versions of this popular board game from our childhood.

The actions that you are able to take per turn are limited as you might expect them to be, these are limited to the point of placing units in overwatch mode, attack or simply move into position. These are the moves that you would expect to have with this type of game and yet the limited amount of choices makes the game that much easier to play as it is more about strategy as opposed to having to figure out a bunch of complicated moves.

The one thing that many players will love is at the end of the mission individual players can be upgraded, and therefore, you can form a unit that is stronger than the rest of the others as they will be your main fighters, while the others will simply be expendable to make sure that the real guys are saved for battle. All of this will be great if you can get past the simple fact that the tutorial is not really that useful in helping you to understand how to move your men around the environment. This will be quite frustrating for a player that has not quite had a lot of experience with these kinds of games.

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