What is the Best PS Racing Game of All Time?

Decades ago, the future of racing games was uncertain, due to poor technology. However, technology has improved over the years and there are now more than enough options for quality racing games with the best experience. 

From cartridges to compact discs and now to different consoles, racing games have been improved. There are now also more genres, ranging from action-themed to horror to more. Everyone who plays racing games knows how engaging and fun it could get and the best of them also have great sound and design to match. Several modern games are now available online and you can also play online the game Happy Wheels.

Choosing the best PS racing game of all time can be a little bit of a challenge, as all racing games differ. Ranging from the genre, to the display and down to the experience. 

Below is a list of some of the best PS racing games of all time that has proven to provide the best experience:

1. Project Cars

This game is not only beautiful and authentic but also known to provide new, daring challenges, which is what many game enthusiasts look out for. It is one of the most technically advanced games in the world today with the best graphics and functionality. There are over 60 unique tracks in the game with a huge range of cars and motorsports and also time trial challenges with ghost leaderboards. 

2. DiRT 4

DiRT 4 is known as one of the best racing games that capture the emotion, thrill, and passion for off-road racing. When compared to its predecessor, DiRT Rally, DiRT 4 has improved graphical illustrations and is more user-friendly. It can also be played with various drivers with various skillsets, as it ranges from easy to difficult, making it suitable for any game enthusiast, whether a beginner or an expert. This game has about 50 off-road cars in 5 locations with millions of routes and also with many skill levels. 

3. Trackmania Turbo

This game is highly replayable, as it makes you always want to come back for one last lap. Although it is easy to learn, it is hard to master, which makes it more fun, as you would constantly want to master it while you play it over and over again. The Trackmania Turbo is also a fun and creative game with over 200 head-spinning tracks available in four environments with a unique playstyle to each.

4. Assetto Corsa

In about a year of the release of Assetto Corsa, it became popular and often on the list of many players. The game has over 20 tracks and a hundred tracks to select from. The focus for this game is on physics realism and precision accuracy, which makes it one of the best racing games. This focus gives players the chance to race with their favorite life-like models, like Mercedez Benz and Lamborghini. The game also allows you to modify your favorite car model to suit your preference. In addition, the game offers single multiplayer racing modes and also customizable race weekends.

There are lots of racing games out there but the best ones give the best gaming experience that wants you to always come back, which is what every game enthusiast looks for.

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