What Non-PS Games Can I Play On PS4?

The PS4 has many merits as a console, even if it is losing ground to the next generation PS5. In terms of GPU capacity, it is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro continues to have some of the strongest 4K gaming capabilities on the market, even when you take the newest generation of consoles into account.

The PS4 also offers great gaming exclusives, including smash-hit franchises such as The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Yakuza. One other underrated plus of the PS4 is its capacity for cross-platform play, with the console allowing you to play a variety of games beyond official PlayStation titles. Here are some of the types of non-PS games you can play on PS4.

Play Classic Handheld Titles on PS4

One incredible PS4 lifehack that everyone should know about is the fact that you can download and install handheld console emulators on your console. Although not quite official, there is a huge wealth of fan-developed Game Boy and PSP emulators that you can install on your PS4 for free, which allow you to instantly start playing classic games from yesteryear, such as Pokemon: Ruby and Final Fantasy VII. Give them a try today.

Can I play online casino games?

Probably the most popular type of browser game out there right now is online casino games. This includes slots, blackjack, roulette, and, of course, poker. In a nutshell, the answer is “yes”. Most online casino games, such as poker, either run on HTML5 or can be played as a live game, allowing you to play poker with a real-live dealer via a video uplink. These games will run smoothly on a PS4 browser system.

Once you have chosen your online casino site, you can start practising to learn more about how to acquire the poker skills you need to take home the jackpot. You can find more tips here on how to build your poker skills and take on the pros online.

However, it is also important to check that you can play your chosen online casino game legally. As Riku Vihreasaari explains in an article, many countries and states allow you to play online poker on your browser – you just need to check your local regulations to make sure.

Play your favorite MMOs

If you are just getting into some of the top MMOs, such as Fortnite or Rocket League, you might be pleased to learn that you can access these and many more for free via the PlayStation Store. Many gamers prefer to play these MMOs via the PlayStation controller system, especially if PC gaming is not as familiar. In addition, playing Fortnite is always more enjoyable on your TV screen, rather than playing it hunched over your desktop or laptop computer. There is a huge range of popular MMOs available on PS4 for free, so head to the store to check them out.

Whether playing online poker or browser-based games such as Fortnite, the PS4 allows you to do it. Is there any reason to upgrade?

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