When can we expect the PS4 Slim? How slim will it be? (Including some history)

There’s something to be said about stair-stepping development, especially when it comes to consumer entertainment-related goods.  Even in the days before digital electronics you’d see a company release a product only to either revise or overhaul the entire design a short time later in order to make it smaller, sturdier or perhaps more efficient.  In this respect things haven’t really changed all that much in terms of the way business is done; after all, people still want to get the maximum bang for their buck and will always be interested in design improvements for some of their favorite devices.

The various PlayStation consoles are certainly not immune to this phenomenon; in fact, they’re perhaps a shining example of an evolving product line.  However, the PlayStation franchise isn’t just developing in terms of its iterations (meaning its major console releases) it’s also always moving forward on an individual basis as well.  For example, each and every console that’s been released thus far, including the Vita, PS1, PS2, and PS3 has been upgraded and “slimmed down” around 4 years or so after the unveiling of their “mach 1” models.

PS4-Slim-1Why does Sony put such effort into altering their basic console designs, especially when they’re incredibly successful as is, you ask?  Simply put, Sony is the sort of corporation that loves to keep improving and tweaking their product line.  Now, for some businesses, the notion of re-releasing a mega-successful consumer electronics device just because you’ve made some improvements might seem like a bad or even slightly dangerous idea.  Not for Sony though; they’ve been able to create gaming consoles which not only have staying power, sometimes remaining relevant for years beyond what anyone thought possible (i.e. – the PS2), but also “value”.  In other words, just when the sales of one of their consoles starts to drop a bit after a few years they tend to do a complete redesign, packaging the new unit as a “slim” model (and please pardon the pun, but who doesn’t like “slim models”, eh?).

Anyway, before we start to dissect the information that’s floating around about a potential PS4 slim model, let’s take a trip down memory lane and identify some of the distinguishing characteristics of previous slim designs.  Six years after the original PlayStation was released, the PSone hit store shelves (and in tandem with that of the PS2 as well).  This newly redesigned console was not only significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor; it also managed to outsell the PS2 that year.

Eventually the PS2 eclipsed the PS1 in sales and even went on to become what many consider to be the most popular and successful video game console in history (up to this point, anyway).  But don’t think for a second that Sony wouldn’t apply their very successful strategy toward the PS2 as they have with the PS1 – 4 years after the release of the PS2, the PS2 Slimline was released.  In short, the slimline model is basically a major improvement in almost every way imaginable, it’s smaller, quieter, lighter and even featured an integrated modem.  It was a definitive improvement over their previous model, to be sure.

Of course everything changed once again when the high-powered PS3 rocked the gaming world with its 7th generation graphics.  The original PS3, while still appealing and sleek, was a tad bit bulky and perhaps lax in terms of its offered hard drive space.  The redesigned PS3 slim model, which came only a short 3 years after the initial release, improved upon certain facets.  The PS3 Slim was 33% smaller, 36% lighter and of course, tended to consume 34% to 45% less power.  By all measured accounts, this new rebranded console was a staggering improvement over the launch day model.  In fact, it’s often touted that the PS3 slim sold over 1 million units in its first 3 weeks after being released.

PS4-Slim-2This of course brings us to the main event, which is the PS4 and its concurrent slim model which fans are already creating photoshopped mock-ups for.  Needless to say, all signs point toward the PS4 slim being even smaller than many might be expecting.  Moreover, aside from the drop in size, we’ll likely also see the obligatory plunge in price as well.  If you follow the slim model release trend which is stated above, you’ll notice right away that we it would seem that releases are becoming more exaggerated.  For instance, while the PS2 slimline model hit the store shelves 4 years after the initial launch, the PS3 slim model came in just 3 years.  In other words, it’s probably safe to assume that we will see the PS4 slim dropping in (or under) 3 years.  Of course this is all pure speculation, but you’re likely to see the PS4 design shrink considerably while dropping in price and perhaps even adding a new feature here or there.  In fact, a lot of people are so “amped up” about a potential PS4 slim that they’re willing to wait for it!   So, just how small, you ask?  At least as tiny as the PS3 slim, but maybe even smaller…

James Allsopp

Jay is the Founder / Admin and Editor in Chief here at PS4 Home. Jay is dedicated to gaming, blogging & web enterprise. If you like the effort I have put in to this site and the content, then feel free to see my Amazon wishlist. Highly appreciated.

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8 years ago

Unless you live in NYC, do you really need a slim device? I guess it looks chic, but I can’t imagine it being that much nicer. Maybe I’m wrong.

8 years ago

The slim system would look stylish on my bookshelf. I live in CT and space is $$$!

8 years ago

Slim system can easily bring to friend house 😀

8 years ago

I’ve never been one to invest in a consoles first release, i think of it this way, by the time the slim(s) comes around all the bugs will be worked out, it’ll be cheaper, probably more HD space and well… it’ll be slimmer, worth holding off on investing? in my opinion, i think so, and lets get real, Sony already has a slim model worked out and ready to be mass produced, why make the best thing first when you can make that much more $$$ by releasing its fat brother? In the end, it’s the business of making money and being way further ahead than the consumer thinks you are.

8 years ago

Sony is the king and they have that kind of staying power that Apple does. They can completely re-invent something and there will be crowds of people lined up for it. Look at their past history.

8 years ago

I dont care about how it looks, i will wait to the slim version just because they fix all the major hardware bugs with them

8 years ago

I will def wait for ps4 slim no bugs no f ups no bs plus price drop can’t beat that ppl say to me ur not gettin the ps4 wen it comes out n they called me retarded saying ur going to miss out on all the fun that everyone else will be having… U mean snobby ass rich kids 5-10 year olds screaming at thier parents so they’ll buy them one for Xmas don’t forget another $200 on top of the $400 ull already be paying he’s guna want a cpl games $127 rite there n another controller $65 n a ps camera another $60 plus tax so yah if u want to spend all or over half to get a ps4 jus so u can b like everybody else no thanks ill save my money get the rest use out of my ps3 I don’t need a ps4 rite now anyways gt all my new games on ps3 not to mention I have two ps3 slim one 350 other 250 GB one for gaming the other for watching movies using apps netflix vudu etc place to store my music pix n videos so I’m gud for now others say why wud u wanna wait soooo long bcuz unlike everybody else in society I’m smart n I think bout the long run n the long run is tellin me wait for the slim idc who gets one elwho nos out of the millions of ppl. That buy it maybe 35-40% of the systems will b in working condition that’s wat I call no thanks ill wait yes I’ve watched the videos on YouTube the unboxing the setup everything does it make me want it more no not really its jus a step il up from a ps3 n if ur not spending the extra $60 for the camera the playroom won’t be exiting for u it without the camera it won’t scan ur face n show u all the fun lil things it does also the robots n pong that will n fun to show ppl but its not like I’m guna get a ps4 so I can shake robots out of the controller then suck them back in its fun for like 2 min then it’s boring so again like I said go ahead spend over $600 on a system u don’t even know is going to work properly I can tell u from experience I folding buy the ps3 wen it 1st came out cuz of all the troubles I heard it had nah I waited to get the 320 GB ps move bundle for $250 came with a game controller n unlike the ps4 the ps eye now wen Sony releases the slim model they may include the new ps4 camera as n added bonus all I no is 1st generation consoles blow chunks for quarters I always have n always will wait for the slim model

8 years ago

The PS4 slim will look really awesome! I Can’t wait for it!

8 years ago

All you lot talking about waiting till the ps4 comes out might as well start talking about the ps5 the ps4 only come out November good luck waiting till 2017 for the slim ps4 and thats even if they make a slim version its hard enough all that next gen is cramped in atm seen the size difference from xbox one and ps4 xbox one is like a block ps4 is actually smaller than the ps3s first slim your talking about a slim when the original has only been released really all I can say is good luck to you waiting till 2017 playing your ps3s they will end the games in 2015 they lose money if they dont bet they love the prices of the next gen games I doubt they will make a slim version it wont go well with all the next gen stuff inside wont fit it would over heat or break easy ps4 is good enough for me they will probs make a similar one bit smaller but but more wider or something good luck to all you out there waiting for the slim till about 2017 playing no games on your ps3 beyond 2015 plus gta 6 will be next gen only cant wait tbh watchdogs will be between assassins creed and gta v all I can say is ever heard of a warranty you can purchase cheap from game shops that covers the console and controllers goodluck on your expired ps3s

7 years ago

LOL, I will even surprise if they can make even more slimier, LMFAO…xD

7 years ago

see ……………im not gonna lie… i paid 600 hundred dollers for my ps4 from BEST BUY……I GOT the system AND any free game i wanted so picked an expensive 1 and i got a 3 year plan were if ANYTHING FUCKES UP THEY HAVE TO REPLACE IV ALREADY TOOK BACK 2 CONTROLLERS ….over scratches …just because i can …BUT HONESTLY thinking about the PS4 slim KINDA FRIGHTENS ME cuz all the money i PUT in and what if a new SYSTEM comes out soon …AND THEN IM STUCK WITH THIS …………..BUT im extremely HAPPY with my PS4

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