Why is there a lack of Casino Video Games? Can we Expect more on PS4?

When you think of a genre that hasn’t been well covered on the PlayStation, which would it be? Racing? Shooters? Nope. It has to be casino related games. Neither the PS1, PS2 nor PS3 has catered well for this genre. Poker is a very popular game played by well over 100 million people across the globe. So, why the lack of casino games? This article explores the reasons as to why there aren’t more available and wheather we can expect more to be released on the PlayStation 4.

The Lackluster List of PlayStation Casino Games

Hard Rock Casino (PS2)
Casino Challenge (PS2)
Vegas Games 2000 (PS1)
Poker Masters (PS1)
World Championship Poker (PS2)
High Rollers Casino (PS2)
Golden Nugget (PS1)
Slots (PS1)
Paradise Casino (PS1)

You can’t play with real money

One of the main reasons is that playing with fake money probably doesn’t have the same appeal as it does when playing with real money. It just doesn’t offer the same appeal as it would when playing at real casinos. The majority of online casinos also have incentives such as new player online casino bonus, which also isn’t available when playing on consoles. Perhaps this is something that might change with the PlayStation 4. What stands in the way of playing for real money is that each country varies dramatically with gambling laws.

Why Casino Gaming on the PlayStation 4 Would work well

Whilst playing casino games from your internet browser is easily accessible, there are a number of benefits that the PS4 would offer poker enthusiasts. Smartphone gaming is one example of how casino gaming can offer the player a totally different experience. The same would happen with next-gen console gaming.


The PS4 experience would offer fantastic social interaction combined with high-end graphics. The PlayStation Eye could have a variety of useful uses, such as copying your body movements whilst playing. Because the console package comes with a microphone, you can almost guarantee everyone will be ready to use it whilst playing, making gameplay more interactive.

PlayStation Home Casino

The biggest advancement for PlayStation and casino gaming was the launch of the PlayStation Home Casino. Whilst this recently released service doesn’t allow you to play for real money, it does allow you to play with “chip packages”.


Console gaming and casino gaming could potentially provide the best combination for casino players. However, currently the best place to go is still the leading online casino sites. The release of PlayStation Home Casino has certainly moved PlayStation and casino gaming a step forward, it’s just that you still can’t play for real money, perhaps something that might change in the future.

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