Will Evil West Be a Major Hit Among Slots Players?

Console players who loved Red Dead Redemption 2 will finally get a chance to sink their teeth into a new western offering in 2022. Evil West from Flying Wild Hog will transport gamers back to the Old West, but the twist here is that they will be fighting hordes of undead creatures. The game is likely to be hugely popular, especially among online slots players who can’t get enough of Wild West themes.

Wild West Theme is so Prevalent in Slots

It would be hard to find a genre of entertainment where Wild West themes are more prevalent than the slots market. If you scroll through the list of Paddy Power slot games, you’ll find countless titles that use premises from that classic era in North American history. There’s Wanted Dead or a Wild, Wild West Gold, Wild Wild Chest and many more. Indeed, it feels that this genre is represented more on the reels than any other.

It’s clear that slot players love western themes, so Evil West will most certainly tap into this market. These slot games also highlight how the genre blew up after the release of Rockstar Games’ western offering. Slot developers managed to capitalise on its success because their games didn’t take too long to make. Console offerings, on the other hand, are known to take years. Evil West could have been inspired by RDR2, but it is being released four years after the Arthur Morgan-led title.

Evil West is a Cool Twist on the Genre

There’s no doubt that Evil West will be a cool twist on the traditional western genre and could appeal to a greater number of players. This is because it will straddle two genres, with horror elements also being highly prevalent within the game. Players will take on multitudes of vampires and other nightmarish creatures in the Old West, and they will have access to a plethora of high-tech guns to help them in their plight.

The game can be played in single-player or co-op mode, opening up possibilities that weren’t initially available in RDR2. The weird universe is designed with fantasy elements, so players should expect the title to deviate from traditional Wild West storytelling in favour of original ideas.

Undead Nightmare Gives a Taste of What Evil West Will Be Like

This won’t be the first time players have had to fight off monstrous creatures while riding around on horses on the great plains. In 2010, Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, which was an expansion pack for the main game. Players took control of John Marston and had to traverse the landscape looking for a cure for a zombie plague. It was met with a strong critical reception and more than two million copies were sold.

Evil West is likely to be one of the biggest games of 2022. This is because it will appease console players who are desperate for another Wild West title. It should also serve to attract a high number of slot players, who generally seem to love Wild West themes.

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