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MachineGames recently released Wolfenstein: The New Order, bringing U.S. Captain William “B.J.” Blazkowitz back for some more Nazi-killing action in a world where the Allies lost the Second World War and the National Socialist Party controls every nation. The game is available on a number of different platforms, including PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as PS3 and PS4. PS4 Wolfenstein players have been very impressed with the smooth play of the game, aside from a few graphic glitches. Though the storyline is similar on all of the other platforms, depending on what choices you make, the play on the PS4 is slightly different. Due to the popularity of MMOs in recent years, developers at MachineGames wanted to give a similar but not identical action/adventure environment to Wolfenstein players. They best achieved that goal on the PS4 platform, which retained the original the feel of the 1992 Wolfenstein and the intensity of other first-person shooter games.

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This option provides players with that old-school feel of gory deaths mixed in with the technical complexity and difficult decisions of newer generations.

1) Do it for the trophies and medals. For those that are not content with just having to shoot Nazis, the PS4 version of the game also has a number of achievements that players get throughout their play, if they do things right. For example, there’s a number of Enigma code pieces that need to be collected so as to complete Enigma code puzzles. These in turn open up bonus options for the players.

2) There’s a need and use for every weapon. Each weapon has a dual functionality so players aren’t restrained by the lack of options for each weapon. When The New Order first starts out, the protagonist only has a knife and a pistol at his disposal to do the greatest damage with. As the game progresses, however, players will be able to obtain and use bigger and more efficient weapons such as shotguns, which do the most damage to the enemy up close, or assault rifles which are best for taking down enemies from a distance. Of course, like any shooting weapon in real life, guns will run out of ammo so the player will have to get ammunition to reload and continue attacking.

3) Action vs. Stealth: pick one and go for it. In order for the developers to allow players to feel that personalized game-play environment, they implemented four different skill categories for players to choose from or combine, each with its own perks: stealth, demolition, assaults and tactics. The stealth mode gives players the chance to take down enemies easier, faster, and more quietly with just as much gore as rushing into the action with guns blazing. In the case of taking down guards in this mode, it’s best to focus on those that have their backs turned against the gamer. Either pick them off with a silent pistol or walk and stab them, otherwise an alarm will trigger and all hell will break loose.

4) Use your surroundings. Another point that players should take into account is using their surrounding environment to their advantage. There’s a number of locations and places in the setting that the protagonist can hide or carry out a sneak attack from. For example, one of the best ways to use objects around the player is to hide behind them until a guard completes a round, and then when their back is turned agains the screen to follow through with the killing.

5) Watch your health and armor. Much like the original 1992 Wolfenstein, The New Order places great emphasis on the protagonist’s health and defense. Their goal was to give it a more ‘realistic’ feel, so to speak, of Blazkowitz’s actions and decisions. Hence the reason for all the objects to hide behind and the stealth mode for sneak attacks–it raises your chances of survival. This ties in well with the in-depth narrative and complex bosses that MachineGames imbued as part of the game.

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to take the time and explore all the goodies that developers put into the settings and characters surrounding the protagonist. Even though the goal is to win and have fun int he process, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Just get rid of the guards first.

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