10 Awesome Things To Do in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V was and is a major achievement in gaming. Aside from the technical know-how, art / design, and expertise that it took to produce this behemoth title, a lot of other factors have all been lined up to ensure that it was as hugely successful as it was. Of course, with any game of its size, where there’s a clear story with side missions, you’ll eventually kind of run out of conventional things to do. In short, this article is for those players who have pretty much conquered most aspects of the game already and are looking for other awesome and interesting things to do, here’s our top 10…

Revenge kills and stalking

Perhaps one of the more interesting yet incredibly creepy things you can do in GTA online is stalking, where you find a target and literally follow them around, however, you can use this feature to your advantage in at least one way. Let’s say some idiot kills you and takes your favorite ride, you’re going to want to track them down, right? Well, you can most certainly do this, but be aware of the consequences and the long, protracted feud that’s sure to follow. On the other hand though, maybe you’ll become friends?

Trevor’s hunting missions

Trevor is definitely a fan favorite among the three characters and his special hunting missions are just another reason why he’s so popular. In these you can really soak in what nature has to offer while also simultaneously killing it. All things considered, these missions play out like some demented version of a traditional Deer Hunter PC game, although with improved graphics and whatnot.

Become a shark hunter

Many open world / sandbox games seem to completely neglect enemies and danger in the water. For whatever reason, GTA V saw to it that this wasn’t the case when they added massive sharks to the equation. Needless to say, people thought for a time that they were basically next to impossible to bring down, but this simply isn’t the case. You’ll not have much luck with traditional guns we’re afraid, instead use a knife and if possible, try to haul your kill back to shore in order to show off for your buddies.

Find new ways to evade police

Sometimes it isn’t the ability to evade police in GTA V that makes the game so much fun but how you go about doing it. With a game like this, which features incredibly dense and diverse gameplay options, there’s always another way to do things, and this includes evasion as well. One of the more interesting methods we’ve seen involves the use of wind turbines in the desert and police helicopters, we’ll let your mind fill in all the blanks on that one. Don’t let the fun stop there though, look for even crazier possibilities and really attempt to push the envelope.


One of the funniest and perhaps most torrid missions in GTA V is for Michael and involves doing Yoga, which seems like a relatively harmless and inert activity. It is via quicktime like events and is chock full of overly sexualized puns mired in the physical humor of watching Mike attempt to pull off various moves as prompted by the tedious new age “guru” at his house.

Orchestrate a massive train crash

If explosions and action are interesting to you then orchestrating a train crash should be at the top of your list of things to do. Pulling off such a stunt isn’t exactly difficult but surviving while riding one like a surfboard as it plows into some blockade and you jump off just in time to save yourself is. Better yet, why not fly a plane into one for an impressive head on collision?

Stunt jumps

Stunt jumps have long been a facet of various GTA outings, but they’ve been given an entirely new treatment in GTA V. There are no less than 50 positioned throughout the vibrant world, try to locate each one in order to unlock achievements and reach 100% completion.

Economics – real estate and stock

Yet another exciting and different thing you can do within the world of GTA V involves economics. Specifically, you can start investing in real estate and/or playing the stock market to your advantage. Assuming that you’re smart about the way you approach this you can quickly net a fortune for yourself and become, dare we say it, a true mogul.


When it comes to side activities and things to do in Los Santos, the various sports diversions such as Golfing, Darts or Tennis are perhaps among the best things to do. Despite the fact that the developers spent a good deal of time refining such capabilities and basically integrating many fully-functional mini-games right into it, many tend to overlook them. Buck that trend and check them out today.   These include:

  • Triathlon
  • Basketball
  • Pool
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Darts
  • Golf

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