10 Best Esports Games on ps4 in 2022

Modern video gaming has come a long way since the first Space Invaders tournament. Today, electronic gaming represents one of the fastest-growing markets. Esports market revenues went well over a billion dollars and will continue rising in the long term.

People of all ages enjoy playing video games today. Some look at gaming as a leisure pastime, while others utilize video games as the main source of income. Still, desktop computers aren’t the only devices you can use to enjoy your favorite games.

The popularity of esports games on ps4 is also increasing. PlayStation 4 sales in Europe reached 48 million in 2021. It is proof that gamers value consoles the same as any other device. PlayStation games come with crisp graphics and engaging sound. That said, no wonder why ps4 games have amassed huge amounts of spectators, cash pots, and marketing power.

The impact of video games has spread to other industries. Esports has gathered a significant audience among sportsbook lovers. Today, platforms like esportsbff.com gather video gaming and betting enthusiasts at the same time.

Moving back to the subject, here are the best ps4 games you can play in 2022.


This is one of the most addicting shooter games ever created. For a long time, this feature was among the leading esport games on every top list. The game allows versatile players to develop different strategies and build their way to victory. In Fortnite, you can shoot, snipe, sneak and implement different tactics to become the last man standing.

The game became famous primarily because of its simple mechanics. As a result, it’s easy for gaming novices to pick up. However, Fortnite is challenging to master; it has to be said. Hence, if you intend to be great in the game, you’ll have to understand that losing is just a part of the process of becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Anyway, Fortnite is extremely competitive, which is why it’s still one of the best esports games on ps4. You can play it in single-mode or as a part of the team. What’s more, you always have a new challenge, so the game will keep you entertained for years.

Far Cry 5

The lovers of this franchise have gotten used to visiting tropical islands. This time, the story follows an imaginary rural area in Montana, US. Your goal is to defend Hope County against an aggressive religious cult. The game is built on open-world action. In many aspects, this feature resembles Far Cry 3.

Given the map size, you’ll have a vast ocean of possibilities to explore and to destroy. The only problem is the story. Not many people are open to enjoying games where religion is put in a negative context. Putting aside our beliefs, if you manage to set apart reality from fiction, this can quickly become one of the best first-person shooting games you have ever played.

Apex Legends

In 2020, the game broke many records after amassing more than 100 million players worldwide. The game is pretty similar to the concept of Fortnite. However, if you take a deeper look, you’ll find different genres’ fingertips on this Respawn Entertainment feature.

As a result, almost 10 million people enjoy its interesting gameplay every day. The goal of the game is to beat your enemies and become the only standing team. To do that, you need to enhance your looting skills and become more familiar with the map positions. The fact that you’ll have all sorts of fun while doing it makes this game one of the most exciting esports games on ps4.

The game is available across different platforms, as follows:

  • Windows
  • PS4 esports games
  • Nintendo Switch

Dragon Ball Z

Let’s face it, fighting is one of the most fun activities you can have on ps4. Still, not many games are able to provide the same level of excitement, adrenaline, and suspense as Dragon Ball Z. The game was developed by Arc System Works, a company that had many successful projects in the past. The game was later published by Bandai Namco in 2018, and it’s a fantasy/adventure genre similar to Hogwarts Legacy.

The game is brimming with different modes designed to cater to the most versatile players. That said, you can enjoy arcade, story, training, classic mode both online and offline.

Mortal Kombat 11

This is the type of game where every outcome is entirely random, that is, if you’re a casual player. You know that feeling when your sister’s kids come up to visit, and you let them play Mortal Kombat a little? Then they call you to play with them and get your backside handed to you by randomly pressing buttons on the joystick.

Suppose not, but this is possible in Mortal Kombat. Jokes aside, the game is straightforward and comes with amazing graphic details. You can enjoy cracked skulls, surprising moves, severed spines, and many more. Mortal Kombat is one of those esports games on ps4 that leaves no one indifferent. Either you like it or not. The game is available across platforms and provides a unique performance.


Since it first premiered in 2016, this game has taken the gaming world by storm. As a result, Overwatch won many awards like:

  • Golden Joystick Award
  • Game of the Year 2016
  • BAFTA Games Award for Evolving Game 2018
  • The Game Award for Best ESports game 2018 and more.

The game’s popularity is not monetized like some of its counterparts. That said, this is not another pay-to-play type of game. On the contrary, you can unlock almost everything by simply enjoying and playing Overwatch. Moreover, the game is brimming with different characters, and you would want to try them all.

Though this is a fighting game, it still refuses to cross the line of good taste. In other words, Overwatch is not a violent game like Mortal Kobat or Resident Evil. Still, the game managed to amass people of all ages and to keep them entertained for many years.

What’s more, the game is popular on streaming websites, with an average attendance of 10.8 thousand viewers per month. As a result of such popularity, the game boasts several tournaments with jaw-dropping rewards. Hence, this is one of the most profitable esports games on ps4 you’ll ever find.

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