10 Reasons To Buy a PS4 This Year (2015)

Even though the experts predicted that console gaming was a thing of the past, instead extoling PC as the end all final avenue, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stands out as a glaring exception. Now, don’t get it all wrong here, PC gaming is certainly hip and full of its own treasures, but credence must also be given to the console crowd too.   In fact, it has been said many times that the PS4 seems poised to overtake many of the leading historical consoles as well, perhaps even soon gaining enough momentum to overtake the mighty PS2 (which still claims the top spot).   That’s why we’ve stitched together this list of 10 reasons that you should considering buying a PS4 this year (2015). Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

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It is selling quite well

Say what you will about economics and other financial modeling systems, but by and large when anything is selling quite well it is an indication that consumers want it for one or more very good reasons.   Having topped the 18.5 million mark in sales recently (as of early 2015), Sony’s PS4 is currently the king, basically trouncing everything else in its path. In other words, if you want to join the party, why not pick up your own console?

There’s talk of a 2015 price drop in the works

If you’re willing to wait a while, you might even see the PS4 drop $100 or more this year, according to many in the biz. There is actually a lot of talk out there, some of which emanates from people inside the company itself, which seems to suggest that this might be the year that Sony really jumps out in front. Clearly, if they were to drop the price of their flagship machine to a figure like $299, they likely wouldn’t be able to keep consoles on store shelves. For more info on that, check out this.

Some really great-looking games are coming this year

Yeah, every single 12 month sales period features various releases, each one being hyped to extremes and promising revolutionary graphics and gameplay, but 2015’s lineup might actually be able to deliver. Q1 alone is stocked with enough great releases to stand worthy of consideration, not to mention all of the others coming later on in the year. The Order: 1886, Battlefield Hardline, Evolve, Bloodborne and Grave are just a few to keep on your radar.

There’s already more than a few excellent titles already out too

Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that there are already more than a few excellent titles already out that you can pick up immediately. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V (with its wonderful first-person mode), The Last of Us and various others are definitely worth checking out.

It really is a powerful machine that’s built for serious gaming

Sure, a $1k+ gaming PC is certainly very nice to have and capable of doing wondrous things, but then again, so is the PS4. In fact, now that parts are standardized and it’s very easy to replace hard drives and the like, consoles like the PlayStation 4 really function more like high-powered PC’s anyway. Also, we shouldn’t overlook that fact that many of the same AAA releases are found on both 8th gen as well as standard computer platforms, often having nearly identical graphics. By and large however, you can always count on a PS4 to provide a stable experience with very few bugs and no drops in terms of performance.

Project Morpheus and the VR age

Arguably, the best reason to consider purchasing a PS4 in 2015 boils down to the fact that Sony’s fabled VR experiment, i.e. – Project Morpheus, is pretty much nearing completion and release. Basically it is the same sort of tech that’ found inside the Oculus Rift, only being much smaller, lighter and set up to use immediately (without the need for tweaking, etc.)

Oh yeah, some unique exclusives are also inbound

If you thought that Sony wasn’t going to play the exclusives card, think again, they have a number of titles planned for release that won’t be found on any other console aside from the PS4 and they’re due for release in 2015 as well. Until Dawn, Deep Down, No Man’s Sky, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Rime, and of course, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are just a sampling of what’s to come.

Are you a social gamer? You can’t beat the PS4’s sharing features

For those who tend to be incredibly active and connected within the gaming community you really can’t beat the PlayStation 4’s various sharing features. Aside from having various things basically hard-wired into the design of the controller and OS itself, you also have the streaming capabilities, which really make broadcasting incredibly easy and efficient to the point that it becomes second nature. Likewise, with direct integration of social networking platform apps, an extra degree of comfort for trendies is assured.

Great value for the money (even at the current price)

By and large the value of any console is in the quality of the gaming experience it can offer. Well, to go direct and to the point – the PS4 has an incredible wealth of features, functionality and content just waiting to be explored, unlocked and customized. At the same time, because all consoles have become de facto entertainment and media interfaces, you can also use your PlayStation 4 to watch TV, movies, etc.   Seriously, why would any gamer need an assemblage of different boxes and machines when the PS4 basically does it all?

Special offers and perks for the PSN community

Lastly, we must also consider that Sony is always throwing out various special offers and perks which the entire PSN community tends to take advantage of. While gold membership is fairly inexpensive as a yearly rate, you can still connect and play at certain times, even if you don’t want to shell out the dough. For instance, recently there was a “free multiplayer weekend” for residents all across Europe. Pretty cool… click here.

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