18.5 Million PS4s Sold – What Does This Say Exactly About the PS4?

If you have any basic understanding of how commerce and business functions in modern society and have (at least) a passing interest in video games then when we say “18.5 Million PS4s Sold” you should be amazed. Basically, this recent console venture made by Sony has completely exceeded their wildest dreams and has turned into an unmitigated, unrivaled success story. The question of course is – what does this really say about the PlayStation 4 though?


From an outward perspective it would be all too easy to simply say that video game consoles are a novelty, something that is only meant to entertain. Of course, as the median age of the average gamer continues to increase, we probably should reevaluate our perceptions a bit here. Likewise, studies indicate that one of the largest groups of gamers out there is…….gasp, women. That’s right, folks, gaming is becoming (or has) turned into a fairly standardized thing amongst large swaths of the global population. Nowadays many people don’t even rely on what used to be conventional services like cable tv or a range of home entertainment devices. Instead they simply plop down a powerful console like the PS4 and use it as their multimedia portal (perhaps supplementing this with their smartphone, tablets, etc. for internet connectivity). In other words – the world is changing.

PS4 aheadNow, what does this have to do with the PlayStation 4, you ask? Well, for ages now we’ve heard that consoles are part of a dying sector and that people are turning away from them….blah, blah, blah. Clearly, this isn’t the case, as clearly evidenced by Sony’s PS4 sales figures, which are always steadily climbing too, btw. In fact, their sales show now indications of slowing down or even letting the competition catch up with them. On the surface it seems as though the PlayStation 4 is on track to dethrone the PS2, which is currently the world record holder in terms of sales and the like. Moreover, because of the incredible power of the console and the fact that it can function like a multimedia hub, it is driving a fundamental transformation with many home electronics consumers.

project morpheusAt the very least, these sales figures indicate that the PS4 is a force to be reckoned with and that it is foolish to underestimate a corporation like Sony who has (apparently) went to great pains to develop an overlapping and multi-tiered business strategy. Seriously, just when you think that the PS4 is about to run out of steam and Sony has unveiled its final card they roll out some new thing which blasts the competition and alters the trajectory of the financial game. There is perhaps no better example of this than the upcoming “project Morpheus”, which will likely revolutionize VR gaming in some very fundamental ways. Of course, when that happen you might also expect even more sales to be tacked on, cementing the PS4’s place as the king of video game consoles (up to this point, anyway).

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