Reasons Why the PS4 Will Exceed Expectations This Year (2015)

We’ve pretty much heard it all at this point… In the ongoing console war, every week we have pundits, analysts, critics and gamers alike attempting to crown a new winner, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the center of this struggle. However, if you really peer past all the hype and hoopla, taking a close look at the actual sales figures and cross-reference that with other news about releases and ongoing developments, a clear trend emerges which puts Sony’s console out ahead of the rest. Now, let’s get one thing straight here – this isn’t an attempt to shame Microsoft, Nintendo or any other competing manufacturer, the truth is that their creations are also well, pretty awesome too. What we want to imbue is a greater sense of REALITY, which is that the PS4 is simply destined for greater things. In the spirit of this narrative, we present a few reasons why Sony’s flagship machine will probably exceed all expectations in 2015…

Once again…It’s all about the Games

No one would foolishly claim that only the PS4 has a promising lineup for the year, it would be ridiculous to even think that. Clearly the Xbox One has more than a few great exclusives of its own to tout and by and large, we tend to see a new and interesting game being announced on an almost weekly basis now (in fact, one could say that more games are dropping that one has time to play them all, which is still a good thing for consumers). Check out this article – Upcoming PS4 Exclusives You Must Get Excited About, which takes a look at some of these awesome upcoming titles. However, Sony’s planned exclusives just look extra TASTY right now. Offerings like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Street Fighter V, Until Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, The Order: 1886, Let it Die, The Tomorrow Children, Rime, Wild and many others, look impossibly delectable.

The Order 1886Of course, this doesn’t even account for all the amazing multi-platform games that will find their way onto the PS4 too, with many of them perhaps surpassing all expectations in terms of graphics and gameplay. But with a very impressive exclusive lineup in store as well as a foot in the door for all the expected AAA titles, it’s highly likely that many consumers who’ve yet to purchase a next-gen console will veer over into Sony Territory. This of course comes in addition to the steam that’s already built up around its stellar sales.


At this point it is safe to compare the PlayStation 4 to a large snowball that’s tipped over a tall, vertical hill and has started to roll down, gaining size, speed and mass. The fact of the matter is that POPULARITY MATTERS when it comes to consumer electronics and with a clearly massive lead, the PS4 seems poised to further increase its stake in 2015. In fact, they have already made it apparent that they’re not slowing down any time soon and have long been planning on rolling out all sorts of goodies to keep the party going, as it were. To assume that the brains at Sony and PlayStation haven’t been anticipating the moves of both competitors as well as consumers would be idiotic.

To be honest, the release of this 8th generation console marks something truly special for developers too, as Sony has made it much easier to create games for their hardware this time around. Moreover, if you’ve been paying any attention at all you’ve no doubt noticed how every step that’s been made by PlayStation corp. has immediately caused competitors to rethink their marketing strategies and in some cases, actually change their own DRM policies or MSRP’s in response.

Project Morpheus…enough said

Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about Sony’s ongoing tech development initiative dubbed “Project Morpheus”. In a nutshell, it’s basically their response to the VR tech that was pioneered by the Oculus Rift folks (who really created something truly incredible and deserve massive amounts of credit for doing so). What makes Sony’s VR tech so special though is that it is apparently intended to be much easier to use and perhaps even sleeker than anything the competition could possibly muster up.

project morpheusOne major roadblock that’s been keeping VR down is the fact that game to user to system integration often requires some direct manipulation that casual gamers might not find to be very easy to pull off. While this really isn’t a problem if you’re a PC user and love to tear through code and mod games, the console gamers simply won’t or can’t go there en masse, which is why stuff like Project Morpheus exists in the first place. Currently it’s around 85% finished (according to Sony reps, who also foresee a potential 2015 release) and it is anticipated that when completed it will allow PS4 gamers to easily and seamlessly use the VR tech in a variety of games.

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