10 Upcoming PS4 Games That Should Be Awesome

Are you as excited about PlayStation 4 gaming in 2015 as we are? There are all sorts of absolutely mouth-watering titles what have been teased for (what seems like) ages now. Finally, after an endless wait many of the promising games which seem to better capture a bit of what the PS4 is capable of are finally about to drop. If you want to find out about our selection of the best upcoming PS4 exclusives, then read here. Here are 10 upcoming examples that should be AWESOME…

Saints Row IV: Re-elected

Saint’s Row IV Re-electedWhen it comes to over-the-top insane sandbox action, you’d be hard-pressed to find a title that’s more out there than Saint’ Row IV. Now, finally PS4 owners will get a taste for what they’ve been missing with Re-Elected, which includes a wealth of content including the newly developed “Gat out of Hell” campaign / episode. Touting updated graphics and content, this is one hilarious journey that definitely shouldn’t be missed if you are into open world games, love adventure and have a sense of humor.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Revelations 2Still to this day when you say the words “survival horror” the title “Resident Evil” tends to immediately spring to mind. Perhaps realizing that the franchise went a bit off track from their roots, they (seemingly out of nowhere) decided to reskin / redesign the classic remake of the first game, bringing it (in reimagined form) to the PlayStation 4. Even if you’ve played this one before, c’mon…it is classic RE we’re talking about here; you have to give it another shot. Moreover, those who are just now encountering this wonderful game for the first time are in for quite a treat.

Dying Light

Dying LightRunning the risk of sounding to emphatic, Dying Light is basically everything you’d want out of a next-gen free-roaming zombie apocalypse FPS. It features amazing graphics, a large world to explore, all sorts of combat / upgrade / tooling options, fearsome enemies, quests galore and much, much more. Essentially, as it has been said by many others already, if you buy this game then you could basically mark off a number of other games from your “to get” list. All things considered, Dying Light seems poised to be in the running for a GOTY prize (and we’re still in Q1).


EvolveFor the most part, “Evolve” is one of those titles that might revolutionize the console multiplayer experience (assuming everyone like the concept on which it is based, which is incredibly cool, btw). Basically, it pits 4 human controlled players, each with their own backstory and personal motivations, against a 5th player who controls a “space monster” that can actually evolve when it takes down prey, absorbing their powers. Now, combine that with some incredible level design, graphics, controls and general gameplay and you have a world of potential when it comes to multiplayer fun. Those who are paying attention will probably want to compare this to previously released games such as Left 4 Dead 1 and/or 2.

The Order: 1886

The Order 1886This gritty, alternate timeline steampunk Victorian fantasy action game has been garnering tons of praise from gamers and critics who’ve had an opportunity to check it out first-hand. Clearly it has some tricks up its sleeve and promises a very powerful story-driven narrative replete with great characters and even better graphics.

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield HardlineFans of the Battlefield series have reason to celebrate because Hardline will mark quite a departure from the standard line the series has taken. This will be a cop vs. criminal type affair instead, with non-linear level design that toys with an open world feel at times. Aside from the wonderful graphics supplied courtesy of the Frostbite 3 engine this will include a solid single player campaign as well as a stunning multiplayer element which gamers will no doubt spend most of their time.

DmC: Devil May Cry — Definitive Edition

BloodborneClearly the Devil May Cry series is a mainstay among Sony products and fans and this definitive edition should definitely please the PS4 crowd in that respect. This is basically an improved, optimized and content rich version of the original game, wherein every aspect has either been improved or refined. Moreover, as previously mentioned, there is plenty of new additional content included as well, which should be delightful.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 HDRPG gamers and Final Fantasy fans are in for an incredible treat with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, in part because it is one of the most anticipated releases the series has ever produced thus far. Most notably, it blends together what are largely modern style settings with fantasy lore, combat and other RPG system, but in this instance firearms and giant battle droids make an introduction. The result is a very contemporary feeling experience that’s incredibly exciting that still manages to be a FF entry. It should also bear mentioning that the graphics are stunning too.


Bloodborne ps4If you enjoyed difficult titles like Dark Souls I or II then From Software’s “Bloodborne” is going to be right down your alley. For all intents and purposes it takes the 3rd person combat found in those previously mentioned games and updates it with better visuals, more options and a more refined combat system. At the same time, this is a completely new world and universe to explore, the graphics being above and beyond their previous creations. Not to assign it a hollow or stigmatizing label, but it has a very dark, medieval feel that will immediately make it enticing to a certain contingent of the gaming populace.


Grave ps4Lastly, we have “Grave” which is set to be an open world survival horror game that features procedural generation. Now, if the description above doesn’t get your blood pumping and amp up the excitement and anticipation then it’s likely that nothing will. Gamers have been asking for a title with these exact specs for quite a while now and it seems that we’re finally about to receive it. Apparently the developers want to combine concepts of both modern as well as classic survival horror games too, meaning that it will likely scare the crap out of you while also providing nearly endless possibilities with regards to exploration.

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