Reasons Why The PS4 is the best console of choice

The Sony PlayStation 4, which is officially known as the PS4 for short, is the best console of choice out of the eighth generation of video game consoles. Proclaimed as the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PS4 was released in late 2013, and has remained on the top of its generation, beating its main competitors, including Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U.

ps4 console 091If you are stuck and not sure about which console to go with, we can give you a few good reasons why the PlayStation 4 console is the one for you. The following list explains why the PS4 should be your leading option when choosing a console today.



Best Games

Being the latest console of its kind, you can expect the very best video games to be released exclusively on PS4. Releases such as Bloodborne, only available on PS4, may make the PlayStation 4 console more tempting to purchase. The PS4 has the largest amount of 1080p resolution titles over any other 8th gen console, impressive? Very! Although this can be frustrating for those who have already invested in other consoles, PS4 will not disappoint in the range of games currently available and for ones that will be coming soon in the years to come. The Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne, The Order 1886 are a few recent releases which have proven exceptional. Don’t forget many more exclusive games are in the works, such as GT7.

Stylish Hardware Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the PS4 is that the design of the actual console is very slick. It’s pristine and very cool design is something to admire and to love. The PS4 hardware design comes in an original, angular shape. It measures at a slim 10.8 in x 12 in x 2 and weighs only 2.75kg, which is more compact than other consoles and easy to store at home.

You can even hide ports on the PS4 console, which is important as it makes the console much more aesthetically pleasing in your living room since it will often be very visible there.

Faster Processing Power

The PS4 goes beyond the power of its predecessor, the PS3, and takes it to the next level by using more astute internal designs and improving on the problems in the seventh generation of consoles. Containing a custom AMD 8-core CPU with x86 based architecture, the PS4’s processing power is some percentage points above its competition. The PS4 also contains a 1.84 teraflop GPU. With these powerful specs working together along with its exceptional system memory, the PS4 has the capacity for much faster graphics rendering.

RAM Specs

The PS4 stands out with its RAM specs that are more superior compared to other 8th gen consoles. It comes with a swift 8GB GDDR5 memory. While 3.5GB of that RAM is reserved to run the PS4 operating system, game developers are left with 4.5GB according to PS4 documentation. On top of that, developers can sometimes tap into an additional 1GB of flexible memory, but only when it’s available.


In addition to the sleek and high performing console hardware, the PS4 boasts improvements to its controllers. The PS4 controllers are better ergonomically designed than the previous PS3 version, since the controllers now feel like they fit snugly in your hands. The DualShock 4 has been enhanced by making it bigger with the PS4, so the handles are simpler to hold which is important for longer gameplay, and precision movement is now much smoother. Many PlayStation veterans in the gaming community have praised the advancements in the controllers, especially the increased comfort with the DualShock 4 in contrast to the DualShock 3.


The combination of robust specs on the PS4 result in an impressive graphics experience. Gamers that have compared the PS4’s graphics with the XBOX One and have found that the PS4 versions of games are often clearer and softer, especially when viewing moving objects and faraway textures – having more power under the hood is great, after all. This means your whole experience playing video games will be changed forever, in a good way. You’ll get to appreciate more of the graphics and visuals while playing.

For serious gamers, the PS4 is a must have of the season. You won’t find anything else that can compare, with some gamers saying it is a console that is in a league of its own. Offering players better graphics, faster speed, impressive design and exclusive video games only available on PS4, makes the PlayStation 4 console the best 8th gen console.

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