8 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront

  1. Disney Branding

With the new acquisition of the Star Wars IP by Disney was a huge change in the legacy that is Star Wars. Electronic Arts (EA), the largest publisher in this galaxy and even far away ones acquired the rights in May 2013 to create Star Wars games. This was a deal comparable to the actual Disney deal in my opinion. While it may make some nervous given the reputation of EA, with Disney holding the IP dear to its heart, I don’t see it having its reputation of this giant ruined by the release of half-finished and shoddy games.

  1. Gameplay footage and the Star Wars Convention

The first gameplay footage of this game will be shown on April 16th, 2015 in Anaheim California and it will be displayed to the public first time. EA is debuting it in an environment where they know it could possibly be hostile. EA is aware of this and they know it must be truly special to wipe away the film of wariness from the average Star Wars fan-boy. So expect a stellar showing and some amazing gameplay footage highlighting the next-gen graphics and a galaxy realized by a solid developer.

  1. DICE wanted Star Wars: Battlefront

Patrick Soderlund, Executive VP of EA Studios, has been quoted saying that the Star Wars Brand and Battlefield series developer Dice is a “match made in heaven” and that DICE actually petitioned to work on this game. That means the developers are not only excited to work on this, they will be passionate about it, and with anything we are passionate about, there is an extra factor added into this game, called love. Also, this is not a new team, it’s a team of veterans from the DICE development team working on this based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

  1. Reboot of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise

This is not a continuation of the original Star Wars: Battlefront series originally released in 2004 and the sequel released in 2005. This is a fresh reboot of the IP, which gives the developers the freedom, and allows them to chuck the bad ideas and keep the good. Hopefully they are not looking to make Battlefield with a Star Wars paint job and this will truly capture the epic battles in the Star Wars saga.

  1. The battlefields of Star wars

Speaking of epic Star Wars battles, with these being released on next-gen consoles and the PC, we can expect a much more frantically paced with the feeling of being part of a much larger scale battle around you. The original had some success with making you feel this way, by shortening spawn times and limiting the size of the maps, but now with the technology and the tried and true Frostbite 3 engine we can expect the norm of 64 players. Throw in familiar and iconic Star Wars vehicles, and you truly have a recipe for success.

  1. Space Battles

While this feature has only been hinted at, I’m sure most fans will agree that this would be a huge slap in the face to not include the epic battles which we have seen and imagined the rush dogfighting for your life with Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers slugging it out around you. There has even been a rumor of hopping into a vehicle and flying seamlessly from the surface of the planet upwards into a space battle. This would be a true feat, maybe the time it takes to get into the fray will be worth it just to experience passing through the clouds just to see the distant red and green flashes of a far off space battle.

  1. Weapons

Some leaked sources have stated that this game will cover the entirety of all the Star Wars movies, and with that said, it will greatly increase the amount of weapons useable in the game. I for one, would love to get the Z-6 Rotary Blaster cannon as a clone trooper and let it spray away at my foes and watching them fall in my wake. Next battle, spawn as an elite Stormtrooper with their familiar E-ll blaster rifle. Regardless of what weapon used, they should feel and sound authentic, and cause believable damage to whatever I am shooting at.

  1. It’s Star Wars

Being the first Star Wars game released since the shutdown of LucasArts and originally this game being canceled causing heartbreak to hundreds of thousands, I am excited that it has been picked up by a reputable developer who has taken this brand to heart. My fond memories of me playing out battles with my figurines as a child are always awakened when I think of this series, and as a man who may still have all of those figurines displayed proudly, I can only be hopeful that the developers get it right and that the publisher allows for this game to accrue the polish needed to make it truly special.

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