3 Simple Ways to Deck Out Your PS4

The PS4 is arguably one of the best looking consoles ever made, it’s sleek, thin and aesthetically pleasing. However, some might want to modify the appearance to give it a customised and unique feel. After all, you dress up your phone and your tablet in skins, covers, or decals— why not do the same to your PS4? It’s one way to make your PS4 uniquely your own, and to ensure that there’s something that differentiates it visually from most of the other consoles out there. Of course, some might find this tacky, but for those who want to get creative, read on to get some ideas.

  1. Get a Textured Skin

Textured Skin

Companies like DBrand sell skins for the PS4. You can even go on their website and customize your own look. Made from high-quality, authentic 3M vinyl, these PS4 skins and DualShock 4 controller skins are some of the best in the business. They’re also guaranteed not to leave any icky residue on your items if you decide to eventually take the skins off. The DBrand skins are designed for a precise fit, and they include unique, realistic textures like gold, black leather, mahogany, and powder-coated red.

Elsewhere on the web, such as Amazon, you can also find metallic skins that make your PS4 and controllers look as though they are plated with pure gold. Shiny!

  1. Score a Character Sticker


Are you a Batman fan? One company makes a Playstation 4 console skin with matching remote controller skins, all featuring the creepy clownish face of the Joker. It’s a ferocious look that will inspire you to gaming greatness and deviousness. If you want to present a more heroic vibe, try the Batman PlayStation sticker instead.

Want someone a bit prettier on your console? How about a Final Fantasy designer skin for your PlayStation 4, featuring the gorgeous face of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII? In fact, you can find a sticker featuring almost any character you like, from Star Wars’ Boba Fett to Deadpool to the Avengers.

  1. Find a Cool Pattern

ps4 Army Pattern

Maybe you don’t want to limit yourself to one character, but you want something more interesting than a solid-colored, textured skin. Try a skin with a pattern instead. With a quick search, you’ll find PS4 skins in bright geometric patterns or subtle yet colorful swirls. There are skins featuring skulls and others that depict a starry night sky. There’s even one pattern with brilliant green marijuana leaves. If you’re interested in an old-school look, try a skin that mimics wood-paneling and gives your PS4 a retro vibe. How about a blood spatter pattern for the zombie game fans? And then there’s the plaid skin. Yes, plaid. We don’t get it either.

When you’re buying a decal, skin, or sticker, double-check the description to make sure that it’s intended for the PS4. You may also want to look at some reviews and ratings that other customers have left, just to be sure that the skin fits well and removes easily without permanent damage to the console’s surface. Once you find a high-quality skin or sticker that you like, fit it carefully to your PlayStation 4 and enjoy the effect! And don’t forget to tell us about it!

Rebecca Kenney

My favourite gaming console is the PS4, of course, and in my spare time I love to write.

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