3 Small Things that would Make the PS4 Definitely Beat the PC

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, especially its latest, higher-powered edition, the PS4 Pro, satisfy the vast majority of its gaming users’ needs. It offers high-resolution games that run flawlessly on its powerful hardware, it comes with a great – and relatively affordable – virtual reality solution, and has a game library filled with exciting titles and quite a few exclusives that turn it into a perfect gaming solution for your living room. But, as usual, it’s the small things that drive us wild, things that are minor but they are annoying enough to be constantly at the forefront of our minds. And some of these small things, once solved, would make the PS4 a gaming platform that’s in every way superior to PC. Like the ones below.

A fully functional web browser

The PlayStation 4 does have a web browser based on WebKit, yet it has several major shortcomings that make it clearly inferior to the mainstream browsers that run on the PC. For one, it doesn’t support Flash, which makes it impossible for its users to play the most exciting online games of 2017 for fun at RedFlush and hundreds of thousands of others. Besides, it lacks support for tabs, it doesn’t support extensions (adblockers anyone?), among others.

A fully functional web browser would make the PS4 even more useful and a source of even more fun for its users.

Modding support

Sony does allow certain community-made modifications on its PS4 console but in a very restricted format. Among others, Sony blocks new models and altered ones, new color patterns, scripts, sound files, and their likes. With such a vast and amazingly talented modding community out there, this means loads of amazing games and game modes that are simply off limits to PS4 users. And that’s a shame.

Multiple screens

One of the best things about PC gaming is that you can connect multiple monitors to it, which can offer not only a brand new experience to players but also a level of immersion no console gamer can experience. As far as the online communities know, nobody has achieved anything similar on a console – the furthers they could do was to duplicate the output of the console with an HDMI splitter.

The possibility of expanding the contents on the screen over multiple displays would be a truly welcome addition to the PS4 Pro, offering a more intense gaming experience to its users.

Make no mistake – this is not about arguing whether the PC or any console is the superior gaming rig. Each one has its advantages and shortcomings, which makes them the right choice for their respective users. These small things (perhaps not that small) would, in turn, bring them closer together, breaking down barriers and shutting up people bragging about the “PC master race”. And that would truly be something positive, right?

James Allsopp

Jay is the Founder / Admin and Editor in Chief here at PS4 Home. Jay is dedicated to gaming, blogging & web enterprise. If you like the effort I have put in to this site and the content, then feel free to see my Amazon wishlist. Highly appreciated.

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