Why Should I Use VPN Services?

VPN or Virtual private Network services have become very popular these days. Even those, who have never used such products, have probably heard of the service. Some computer users are convinced that VPN services should be used every time you go online.

Considering the demand for the services, the number of service providers is growing. You can find information on the best VPN services for 2018 online and find the best provider for you. However, the most important part is understanding the reason why you should consider using VPN.

Reasons to Use VPN Services

After a shocking revelation of a well-known Edward Snowden, people realized that almost everything is under control and surveillance. VPN, on the other hand, is able to provide basic security.

  • Advertising. You must be bothered by constantly popping-up ads. The thing is that ISPs sell your web browsing history to different advertisers, and VPN does not let ISPs have access to your web history. It will also help you avoid the embarrassment caused by Google that, basically, knows everything. It stores search history and download, which sometimes leads to privacy troubles.
  • Security. Everybody uses free Wi-Fi in coffee shops, shopping malls and airports. People usually do not hesitate when they need free Internet, but the truth is that free network is unsafe for private information. Free Internet does not provide any encryption and confidential information can be easily collected by people, who have skills “more than an average computer user”. Using VPN connection on a mobile device or laptop will provide you with a shield that secures your data.
  • Access to restricted networks. Even though most governments talk about free and democratic societies, there are specific restrictions for accessing certain webpages. The reasons can be different but what is more important is that you can bypass these restrictions.

In addition, due to copyright agreement some streaming media providers are not allowed to broadcast outside of their country. With the help of VPN services it is possible to bypass the blockage. VPN creates a “tunnel” that gives access to any prohibited or blocked website.

  • Bypass restrictions at university or office. It is a widely spread practice to block social networks and some other websites in the offices and educational institutions. It is considered that blocking social networks will increase productivity. Let’s be honest – it does not always make any difference, and all employees and students want to bypass such restrictions. In this case VPN works like in the previous example by giving a green light to users.
  • Secured VOIP calls. If you have friends or relatives far away, you probably stay in touch with them via the Internet. It is a cheap and convenient way, but is it safe? VOIP calls can be hacked, and, if you share private information over the phone, it might become known to the general public or stolen by a third party.

This is not a full list of all VPN benefits. VPN services provide additional security and privacy that are very important these days. Try using one of the services to see it for yourself.

James Allsopp

Jay is the Founder / Admin and Editor in Chief here at PS4 Home. Jay is dedicated to gaming, blogging & web enterprise. If you like the effort I have put in to this site and the content, then feel free to see my Amazon wishlist. Highly appreciated.

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