The most popular PS4 eSports on online betting

The world of videogames is evolving with a new competitive scale and fans have now a new way to enjoy their favorite games; eSports online betting. Being one of the most sold consoles in the world is not a surprise to see the impact that Playstation games have in the world of online gambling, through this article we’ll review the most famous games current available in online gambling platforms.

Competitive gaming is a great trend that is revolutionizing the videogame industry for all consoles and devices. In the specific case of Sony Interactive Entertainment there are two main actions that marked a new era for Playstation competitive gaming. Firstly, there’s the Playstation League that offers daily tournaments and championships with very high prizes on the most attractive PS4 eSports. Another great move from Sony to encourage the competition through PS4 was to partner with ESL to allow users to access ESL tournaments directly from the PlayStation console.

As the competitive landscape of eSports expands, so does its attractiveness for online betting and online casinos are well aware of it. In one hand the big online sport betting platforms are incorporating eSports to their betting options and on the other hand there are numerous small gambling platforms that specialize on eSports and that offer very interesting betting options for this type of sports. It’s important to highlight that from all eSports, PS4 games are often hard to find on big online casinos, however as the eSport betting trend continues this will probably be changing soon.



One of the favorite sport games of the world, Fifa could be considered an eSport since 2001 when it became officially a game at the World Cyber Games, since then there has been a great expansion of the competitive community of the game, however in eSports betting this game often lacks of variety of betting options, despite specialized gambling platforms the options you’ll find for betting on Fifa are usually limited to match and tournament winners.

Call of Duty

There are several things to analyze on the CoD betting environment; this game has surely increased its competitive landscape, a clear example of this trend is the $2 million prize of 2016 at the World Championship, however the betting options of the game haven’t expanded proportionally, being one of the most important Playstation games it still hard to find more gambling options than match, map and tournament winners, some say this might be related to the dynamic and gaming modifications required by each game launched, we still hope online casinos will launch more modalities for World War II betting.

Street Fighter

This iconic game has had a good expansion in the online gambling world. It is well known that the community of Street Fighter gamers is not only extensive but also united which has made of this game a great offer for online gambling platforms looking for recurrent users. The prize pools at the Capcom Cup are lower than the ones of other game tournaments, in fact the prize of 2016 was $360,000, however, this hasn’t represented an issue nor for professional gamers nor for fans looking to bet on this game. In some of the major tournaments of SFV you might even find live coverage of the games directly from your online casino.

Mortal Kombat

Another fighting PS4 game that has a big online gambling audience is Mortal Kombat, it’s big notoriety among eSport gamblers have driven to a better coverage of this game tournaments and also a more variated gambling offer, depending on the online gambling platform you choose you can bet on the winners per match and per round, duration of the rounds and even on the number of fatalities and brutalities on the match, making it a very attractive game special for live betting.

We’ve described the most popular PS4 games among online gamblers at the moment, but the list we’ll keep growing and great innovations can be expected in the eSports betting world. Remember to make a quick search before selecting an online casino if you like online casinos you’ll surely want to check out the eSports covered by big companies like Bet365, William Hill or Betway and you’ll be able to play roulette at the same time that you bet on the Capcom Cup finals, on the other hand if you’re only looking for eSports betting, we highly recommend to check out the smaller and specialized platforms that usually offer a better experience with more betting modalities, tournament statistics, live broadcasting and other features specially designed for gamers.v

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