Amazon Drop Price of PS4 to £279.85 – New Model Incoming?

If you’re from the UK and want to grab a good deal on a PS4, then Amazon have the answer – click here. You can currently get the PS4 at a nice £279.85.

Some might wonder if this price drop is due to a new and upcoming console release at this E3, and that would be a very good guess. It’s highly likely that a 1TB or 2TB console bundle will be announced at E3, with the possibility of a PS4 slim version. With 500GB starting to feel a little old school, E3 is set to see a much larger HDD offering announced, which means the 500GB edition can drop in price, even if it’s earlier than expected. Whilst Amazon USA hasn’t dropped the price as of yet, it’s highly possible that will happen soon, keep a look out.



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