Apex Legends Tips and Tricks that’ll Help You Survive the Battle Royale

Apex Legends places so much emphasis on playing the objective and killing any enemy that stands between you and the objective. But, you can’t get the objective if you don’t survive long enough to execute your mission. So, believe us, surviving in the game will need you to utilize any chances or advantage you can get.

So, in this article, we will be giving you a guide that will keep you long enough for that long-awaited victory. Furthermore, we recommend that you visit #

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Tips and tricks that will help you survive Apex Legends

  1. Use positions to your advantage

When talking about positioning in battle royale games, the best positions should give you several advantages. For example, a good position should satisfy the following: good cover, easily accessible escape routes, a good view of the environment, etc.

You need to fight from locations where you have a good cover to help you minimize the rate at which you take damage. Also, where you decide to stay should be a position where you have a good view of the surroundings. This will help you prevent being flanked by enemies.

  1. You should be comfortable with any legend you choose

Some Legends in Apex Legends are more popular than others, probably because pro gamers commonly use them. Apex Legend is a great game with a good sense of balancing with all its features, ranging from weapons to characters’ abilities. 

You just have to practice with different legends and learn how to utilize their abilities to the fullest. You might end up finding an unassuming character that you prefer to the popular ones.

  1. Discover teaming synergies that work best for you

The different characters in Apex Legends bring unique abilities to the table, making some legend combinations preferable to others. Every good team should at least have a Legend that helps with recon and another with good mobility abilities. 

Some agents’ abilities enable them to create protective walls for all their teammates to traverse the map without being hit. Legends with recon abilities will help the team see threats before getting caught in them. For example, you might consider Seer or Crypto to play this role in your team. You might also consider adding an agent with healing abilities.

  1. Select your gun wisely.

Apex Legends is a game that comes with a lot of guns. One thing some players are probably not aware of is that these weapons serve best in different situations. The two most important weapons on you during any game should be able to serve you in both close-range and long-range flights.

A good weapon combination you should go for is the Peacekeeper/Longbow duo. The Peacekeeper is a shotgun and reportedly the best for close-range battles. For the records, it has a good range. The Longbow, on the other hand, is a sniper rifle and will help you so much when you decide to take out your enemies from afar off.

  1. Avoid hot zones

If you’re looking for survival tips, then the odds are you haven’t developed enough tough skin. This simply implies that you still lack certain important skills if you must enter furious gunfire fights. If that’s true, then you should avoid locations where such is most likely to happen.

A good example of hot zones on your game map are locations with the best items. You’re not the only one who needs those big guns; other players want them too. This means that they’re already there or on their way down there. To help increase your survival chances in the game, gather your loots from the less-populated areas; it will save you a lot.


Apex Legends takes a whole lot for you to win the game. This requires that you master some if not all of the basics of Battle Royale games. So, have an in-depth knowledge of your character’s abilities and other agents that will make a good duo; you should go for good positions and all-around weapons. Lastly, avoid hot zones if you lack what it takes to survive them.

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