6 Reasons Why You’re Losing In Warzone

Playing Call of Duty Warzone has never been a picnic kind of task, especially if you’re aiming to get some wins. Warzone is a tasking game that demands a level of focus and attention, even as a pro gamer. So, don’t worry if you’re facing repeated losses in your game; you’re not the worst gamer there is on Warzone.

There are several that can easily make you lose your game and end up in the Gulag as in recent games. In this article, we will be pointing out 6 reasons why you’re losing in Warzone and some things you can do to fix them. Also, grab some warzone cheats to help minimize your losses in the game.

6 Reasons why you’re losing in Warzone

  1. Being Overly Aggressive

Warzone is a tough game and requires utilizing all the chances and tools you can get to make those kills. When you head into the game to make big moves like the Pros, you’ll die before you even know it. They are professionals with several years of experience in Warzone and other similar games. That means they’ve already developed the hard shells you’re yet to have. Therefore, take your time and only take calculated risks.

  1. Ignoring Headshots

The quickest way to kill an enemy with the least amount of ammunition is by aiming for the heads. This makes it possible for you to finish off the kill and move on to another nearby enemy. Unfortunately, a mistake most players make is pulling the bullets as soon as their crosshair is on the enemy.

Many times, they do this, completely ignoring where the bullets hit. As a result, they end up wasting their time while other enemies come to rescue their teammates. When this happens, you’re outnumbered and may end up being killed.

  1. Staying at a spot for too long

Most Warzone guides will always emphasize strafing. This is a very simple technique but is commonly ignored. This especially makes it a lot easier for snipers. That dude probably saw when your head popped out of cover to take down an opponent.

There’s a high possibility he’s waiting for you to resurface for him to get that much-desired headshot. Anyway, he does most of the time, sending you one more time to the Gulag.

  1. Overcrowded landing locations

You probably got killed because you had weapons that were inferior to that of your opponents. A common reason for this is when you drop into hot zones crawling with enemies that won’t stop at anything to kill you. 

If you want to live longer, you should land in quiet locations. Places with the least loots are always easy to help you start out your game while you slowly gather better guns before you’re in a combat encounter.

  1. Ignoring key Perks

The unforgiving landscape of Verdansk will not spare you for any reason. Even the developers know this; that’s why they came up with some perks that will help you boost your little regular efforts. 

When faced with a choice of an Overkill or a Ghost perk, many beginners make the mistake of going for the overkill since they saw their favorite streamer do so. So instead, go for the Ghost perk that will help you stay hidden from enemy UAVs.

  1. Keeping your sensitivity too high

Pro players tend to keep their sensitivity settings high. It’s easier for them to control the actions with such twitchy movements since they’ve grown used to it. However, if you keep it that high, you’ll lose precision in your movements as you now have little control over the action on your screen. 

To avoid this, we advise that you keep your sensitivity settings comfortably low, not too slow, though. Then, you can work your way up from there as you master the controls.


Don’t beat yourself too hard if you’ve always been in the gulag earlier than you expected. It’s probably because of some things you weren’t doing right, and some you weren’t even doing at all. 

We’ve noted some common causes of these failures in this article and have suggested some practices you can use to minimize your chances of failure. In addition, get some Warzone cheats to keep you ahead of your game.

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