The Best PS4 Accessories to Combine with the PS4 Pro

Have you heard about the PlayStation 4 Pro? Of course you have— but just in case your attention has been elsewhere, allow us to fill you in on some of the key specifications. This powerhouse console has a GPU that is more than double the speed of the first PS4, powered by Polaris tech from AMD. The console can actually handle 4k gaming, which is huge for players. Unfortunately, not many game developers have put out games that run beautifully in 4K— but they will be coming.

So what do you need in order to get the most of this fantastic new gaming console? Something shiny and new and powerful – some PS4 accessories. You can keep using your DualShock 4 controllers, but you’ll probably want to invest in a couple of other add-ons for your new system. Check out our list of recommended accessories for the PS4 Pro.



If your old PS4 headset just doesn’t do it for you anymore, try the Platinum Wireless Headset. It goes with the PlayStation VR headset and works seamlessly with the original PS4, slim PS4, or PS4 Pro. According to Sony, it’s made with top-of-the-line materials, crafted with precision, and guaranteed to deliver a soundscape that blows your mind. You can also opt for the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.

PlayStation VR Headset

PSVR bundle

You don’t want to get left in the dust behind all the other gamers; so the next must-have is a PlayStation VR headset. Talk about immersive gaming; this piece of tech makes you feel as if you just stepped inside the game. If you encounter a few hiccups at first, don’t worry; game developers and console makers alike are making huge strides in this field, working out the bugs and striving for a smoother, more exciting experience.

Vertical Standps4-pro

There’s a new vertical stand designed specifically for the updated, more svelte PS4 as well as for the PS4 Pro. Put one of these on your Christmas list!

PlayStation Camera


If you plan to use your PS4 Pro to its fullest potential, you’ll need to shell out the cash for a PlayStation Camera. The redesigned model features a cylindrical shape that allows for easier tweaks and adjustments.

PlayStation Plus Subscription

A PlayStation Plus subscription

Have you been holding out against a PlayStation Plus subscription? Now is the time to get it. Even if you were satisfied with limited gaming at home when you had your PS4, you need to enjoy the full experience when you invest in the PS4 Pro. a PlayStation Plus subscription allows you to game online and save your files in the cloud; plus, you get bonus games each month. The annual price is very low when you consider all the free titles you’ll be able to enjoy.

More Games and Movies

joel ps4

What better way to celebrate buying your PS4 Pro than by investing in some new games to play on it? After all, this thing can offer the best gaming experience in the world— it’s time to check out what it can do! Keep in mind that the PS4 Pro doesn’t have a 4K Blu-ray drive; but you can access 4K content via Netflix and YouTube. That 1 TB hard drive needs to be filled up, and those enhanced graphics are begging to be tested. Have fun!

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