The Best PS4 Controller Accessories

Aside from a few minor annoyances, the DualShock 4 is an amazing controller. In order to make it even better, though, you can definitely find accessories that improve it in a lot of unique ways. From charging stands to thumb grips and everything in between, we’ve come up with a list of controller accessories that will take your DualShock 4 game to the next level. You can find all of these products on Amazon, and each and every one of them is a fairly inexpensive buy that you’ll end up getting a ton of value from.

Thumb Grips

Thumb Grips ps4

These serve a few different purposes, and there are so many variations that you can find just about any color, shape and size out there for your controller. So what are thumb grips? Essentially, they’re small pieces of rubber that fit over or on top of the analog sticks on the DualShock 4. As the name suggests, they give you more grip so that your thumb doesn’t slip off of the stick while you’re playing. The result is finer movement and more precision aiming in shooters and more comfort during long gaming sessions. Even if you want to do something as simple as make your analog sticks taller, there’s a thumb grip for that.

Charge Station

Charge Station ps4

When you’re not using your DualShock 4, you should make sure that it’s charging in order to avoid interruptions during your game. More than once, I’ve found myself scrambling for a charge cable in the middle of a firefight because my controller died, but once I started remembering to keep my controller fully charged, those problems quickly went away. You can always keep your DualShock juiced using the USB cable that comes with the PS4, but this requires using the PS4’s power even when you’re not playing and leaves an unsightly mess of cables and controllers lying around. A charge station solves this by running off a separate power source and keeping things looking a little neater by giving your controllers a “home.”

Smartphone Mount

Smartphone Mount

If you own a decent smartphone, then this is an accessory worth considering. The real attraction here however, is the ability to stream your games to your smartphone, allowing you to attach it to your control pad. Simply download the remote play app, configure it with your PS4 console, and then you’ll be able to stream games and content from your PS4. How amazing is that? Perhaps you want to relax in bed, all of which is possible when you’re armed with the controller and smartphone.

Attachable Keyboard

PS4 Keyboard for ControllerTyping messages isn’t that hard, but it becomes so much easier when you’ve got one of these. In fact, you’ll find that you’ll be typing more messages thanks to this accessory. Whilst the PS4 is compatible with many PC keyboards, this wireless keyboard embeds perfectly within the PS4 controller. What’s more, it’s very easy to use and operate and doesn’t look out of place. Surfing the internet also becomes far simpler when using the PS4 web-browser.

Longer Charge CablePS4 Large Charge Cable

You may of course be in the middle of a marathon session and only own one controller when your battery starts dying, so using the charging station isn’t very practical. For occasions like this, it may be wise to invest in a longer charge cable, as the one that comes with the PS4 requires you to sit fairly close to the system in order for the cable to reach. Certain manufacturers make 10’ and even 15’ cords so that you can stay fully charged while remaining comfortable on the couch.

Light Bar Decal

Light Bar Decal

I personally don’t mind the DualShock 4’s light bar, but I know a lot of gamers who find it annoying, especially in a dark room when its glow is reflecting off of the TV. If you’re one of the many who see the light bar as an unnecessary distraction instead of a neat feature, you’re going to want to look into getting a light bar decal. These vinyl cutouts fit perfectly over the light bar, completely blocking it from shedding any light whatsoever. The adhesive is strong enough to secure the sticker tightly but won’t leave any residue when you remove it, and the decals are incredibly cheap. If you want to customize your controller instead of just purely blocking the light, you can get a number of cool decals and even stickers with cutouts that use the glowing blue light to spell words or highlight images.

Palm Grips

Palm Grips

These are similar in function to thumb grips, but as the name suggests, they’re designed to keep your palms secure on the controller instead of your thumbs. If you’re like me and your hands get sweaty while you’re playing, these things are a godsend. Just like with thumb grips, there are endless options for your palms, so you can choose the design that feels right just for you and bet that it probably comes in one of your favorite colors.

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