The 12 Best Trivia Games On PS4 To Play Right Now

How well would you say you know the world we live in? Could you step up to the plate on a quiz show and confidently answer whatever questions were thrown at you? It’s a difficult skill to acquire; most of us have gaps in our knowledge, after all, and nobody can be expected to learn everything. With that said, trivia gaming on PS4 is a great way to test your general knowledge while having fun with your friends, and there are plenty of great trivia games out there to try. Here are the 12 best trivia games on PS4 to play right now.

1. That’s You!

Grab your smartphone, take a selfie, and prepare to answer more than a thousand questions while also taking part in Jackbox-style challenges and games. That’s You! is an easy game to pick up and play; anyone with a smartphone can take part in it, and you don’t need any particular skills to be able to compete with even the most ardent gamer in your group. This is a great way to liven up any party where a PS4 is present.

2. The Jackbox Party Pack

It would be impossible to list exactly which Jackbox game you should play if you like trivia, since many of the packs contain at least one trivia game to enjoy with your friends. Suffice it to say that picking up any Jackbox collection which includes Trivia Murder Party or You Don’t Know Jack is a savvy move. When you’re done with the trivia gaming, you can enjoy the other games in the collections as well!

3. It’s Quiz Time

Vision Games’ It’s Quiz Time boasts more than 25,000 questions, including topical brain-teasers from as recently as 2021. The AI host, Salli, is a fiendish opponent if you choose to take her on by yourself, but of course, the game also supports multiplayer, so you can grab a few friends and test your knowledge together. This game was put together by some of the folks who worked on classic trivia series Buzz.

4. Knowledge is Power

Like many other quiz games on PS4, all you need to enjoy Knowledge is Power is a smartphone, so you can recruit friends even if you don’t have enough controllers to go around. The visuals here are endearing, but that doesn’t make the questions any less challenging, so you’d better have your trivia head on when you play. You can also collect and use devastating power-ups to impede your opponents and gain an advantage.

5. Family Feud

You might know this game better as Family Fortunes if you’re in the UK, although the name of the video game doesn’t change based on which territory you’re in. It’s the classic game of pitting families against one another to answer a series of questions, and you can choose to face off against an AI family, a local opponent, or even other players around the world if you want to.

6. Trivial Pursuit Live!

It doesn’t get much more classic than Trivial Pursuit when it comes to trivia games, and the iconic board game is represented pretty faithfully here. If you’ve got folks in your group who are less inclined towards trivia greatness, then catch-up rounds and adaptive difficulty should ensure they still feel included, and those rounds are also designed to get you and your group talking to one another, making this a great party game.

7. Wheel of Fortune

You know how Wheel of Fortune works. Step up to the plate, spin the wheel, and answer a question for the chance to win big prizes. Sadly, those prizes won’t consist of real money in the video game version, but the excitement and tension of the TV version of Wheel of Fortune are both just as present here. There’s even a Family mode that adapts the format for families, making it easier to play alongside your loved ones.

8. Jeopardy

Much like Wheel of Fortune, the classic TV game show Jeopardy makes its way to PS4 largely unscathed. Here, the format is turned on its head; you must ask the questions instead of answering them. The host will give you an answer, and you must determine what the question is. It’s simple fun, but the format proves endlessly replayable, and you can enjoy this one alongside family and friends too.

9. Battle Trivia Knockout

In Battle Trivia Knockout, you must compete with your opponents to answer questions, reduce their health, and score Knockouts. There are over 1000 trivia questions to answer, all delivered by the charismatic Trivia Sensei to give the game a little extra character. Battle Trivia Knockout supports up to 4 players locally, but you can choose to battle the AI instead, if you like.

10. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Sadly, the titular cash prize in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? isn’t up for grabs in this video game version, but you can still enjoy answering questions under mounting pressure. As you climb the money ladder, the questions will get harder and harder, but you’ve got lifelines that you can use if you want to bring in some help. There’s even a battle royale mode where you compete against 99 other players online!

11. Papa’s Quiz

This fun, snack-sized trivia game won’t cost you too much, but it’ll still provide hours of entertainment. With over 3000 questions to answer across more than 180 categories, Papa’s Quiz should give you the trivia hit you’re looking for. You can even create and customise your very own avatar to give your games that personal touch, so give this one a try if you think other trivia games are lacking a little expression.

12. Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover

As you might have guessed from the name, Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover revolves around our beautiful little world and all of the things within it. Categories for questions include geography (both human and natural), as well as architecture, food, natural wonders, and much more. Four gameplay modes, including an epic Campaign mode and even a Tournament mode, should give you plenty of food for thought.

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