Bound by Flame PS4 Tips Guide

There’s nothing quite like loading up a nice action-packed RPG, especially one that looks rather inviting and contains tons of interesting quests.  In short, this more or less describes Spiders’ recently released game “Bound by Flame” for the PS4.  Even though the game has been garnering quite a bit of critical backlash, it still manages to provide some interesting fantasy-themed role-playing tropes and activities to keep you busy.  Clearly, we’re talking about a game here that’s no doubt been heavily influenced by the likes of titles such as Dark Souls.  What it might lack in terms of character development or overall length it tries to make up for in side quests, of course.  Assuming that you’re having a bit of a problem progressing through “Bound by Flame”, consider the following tips and tricks…

Refining your approach to combat

Needless to say, in a game like this it’s vitally important to figure out how you’re going to approach general combat.  It’s recommended that you focus on one particular style and maybe even experiment with dual-wielding daggers.  Some will probably want to assume the role of the brawny swordsman or perhaps the flame-casting wizard, but there’s something to be said about the usefulness of adopting a stealthier approach.  First off, there’s actually a stealth stance which you can change via the corresponding “change stance” button or in the tactical menu.

Since utilizing two daggers requires you to use the stealth position this means that switching over to it equips them – leading to a great situation whereby your combat options are greatly expanded.  Naturally, assuming that you grow to love the quick, deftness that dual-wielding daggers bring, it’s a good idea to boost the Ranger portion of your skill tree.  In essence, we’re talking about improving attack damage, speed, critical hits, as well as stealth.

Embrace the dodge

Some games like to offer the player a bit more cushion than others – affording them a larger allowance when it comes to being approached by the enemy and subsequently attacked.  In Bound by Flame, you’re best served by being deft and quick on your feet.  In other words, dodge everything – think of it as a sort of default approach to combat in general.  Naturally, this means that you’ll also have to actually pay close attention to how your opponents move and figure out their timing so that you can expertly counter their offensives.

Boosting overall health

Some might claim that it’s better to just learn to avoid getting hint and concentrate on perks which offer some attack or speed bonuses.  However, there’s something to be said about bolstering one’s health, especially in a game where enemies can sometimes be very unforgiving.  “Colossus” and “Tough” are great options here and can grant you that extra bit of help required to keep you alive long enough to further develop your dodging skills.

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