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When the original Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony game came online in 2011 it was hailed as something of an instant classic by 16-bit aficionados and retro enthusiasts.  Quite simply, it was able to deliver all the standardized tropes you’d expect to find in game of its type, yet though it all, still manage to deliver some excellent, deep gameplay that satisfies.  For all intents and purposes, Jamestown + is an upcoming release of this first iteration but with a few key additions to bolster its arrival on the PS4.  In addition to some new levels, you can also expect new ships and even a fresh chapter to further expand the wacky storyline.  Moreover, all of this is headed our way this summer.

For those who might not already be familiar with the game’s plot: Jamestown + will tell the tale of 1 to 4 players battling across 17th-century British Colonial Mars.  If that wasn’t off-kilter enough for you, consider its steam-punk themes to further cement the concept.  Throughout it all, the main emphasis of this title is in its co-op play, which is extremely gratifying to say the least and will certainly find a nice audience on the PSN once released.  It’s a very charming and extremely unique shoot ‘em up experience that remains quite singular.

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Visually speaking, we are talking about a somewhat low-tech title (by virtue of comparison with the loads of fully interactive free-roaming 3D games we see being released), but make no mistake – Jamestown + successfully accomplished what it set out to do.  It remains a very colorful and highly spirited title that bashes you over the head with loads of flashy graphical elements and neat lo-fi effects.  For what it is, were talking about a really solid-looking title here that’s able to deliver the right sort of staged drama and even sustain it over a period of time quite well.  Rather than relying on lots of repetition, the dev team actually put forth the effort to create loads of different enemies and set pieces, which makes the whole experience feel all the more engrossing.

To put it simply though, the main focus of Jamestown + (as well as its predecessor) is the co-op element.  According to the game’s developers (Final Form Games), the goal was to create an overall team-oriented experience, where you would feel compelled to play the game with others.  It’s this sort of multiplayer-centric concept that made Jamestown such a hit with people, not only making the title feel more imposing, but also (dare we say it) more “memorable”.  After toppling a particularly engrossing challenge you feel a sort of camaraderie with your compatriots that might perhaps be missing in a lot of other titles.

Jamestown + Preview

All in all, the release of Jamestown + will likely be well-received by the PlayStation 4 crowd and provide those aching for a good classic arcade experience with some much needed relief as well.  Needless to say, the first edition of the game was wholly satisfying in a number of ways, so this edition is sure to please as well.

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