Can You Sign Into an Online Casino With My PlayStation Network Account?

Registering at websites can be a cumbersome task. Filling in your email address, a username, and coming up with a strong password are the minimum requirements for creating most user profiles. And if you forget the passport, have fun doing part of the process again.

Some websites or online services require even more information, like online casinos. There, you must provide the above and personal information such as first and last name, address, and phone number.

Luckily, there is a thing called OAuth 2.0, which makes this process a lot easier. OAuth is an open Internet protocol that securely allows web services to share information for user verification purposes. It still doesn’t ring a bell? Have you heard of or used Sign in with Google? Congratulations, you have successfully logged in via OAuth 2.0.

Casinos Are Slow in Adopting Modern Login Standards

Now that you have a slightly better understanding of OAuth, you probably realize that you have used this protocol heavily in the past. Many online services use that technology to speed up their website’s registration and login process.

Sign in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn – major social networks share your information securely with other websites via the OAuth protocol to benefit both.

While companies across most industries gladly accept the technology available, online casinos lag behind. As Casino Login CA states on their website, modern sign-in methods are widely unavailable on gambling websites. This includes OAuth and simpler technologies such as Face ID (on mobile) or magic links. One of the few operators that do offer signing in with Google is LeoVegas, a major firm in the gambling space.

The PlayStation Network Uses FusionAuth

If you now wonder if Sony even offers to log in via their API, the answer is yes. The PlayStation network uses FusionAuth, a management tool to provide authentication, authorization, and the handling of user data for an app or service, such as Sony’s PS Network.

Therefore, online casinos could offer to sign in via the PlayStation Network from a technical standpoint. However, since even the most prominent alternatives from Google, Twitter & Co are missing, it would be a long shot to assume this will happen anytime soon.

Legal Question Might Prevent the Adoption of OAuth

Now that we have been bashing online casino operators for not adopting new login technologies, we have to mention that legal questions are the reason.

As you might know, gambling operators must obey stringent rules when handling user data. Due to the nature of their business, real money games, they are required to fulfill plenty of checks on new accounts, e.g., age verification and affordability reviews. Allowing users to create a player profile using their existing social network account might be a tad too easy and, therefore, illegal.

At this point, this is nothing more than speculation as we are neither gambling nor legal experts. The company LeoVegas seems to have found a way to make it work, and perhaps that’s a sign that others will follow. For PlayStation Network, who also like to gamble, it would surely be an improvement in their overall user experience online.

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