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Even though it seems to have slipped in without too much notice from most, Shinji Mikami’s “The Evil Within” is something of a landmark title for horror fans.  Again, it’s been repeated over and over ad nauseam that “this marks a return to form for the Creator of the Resident Evil series”, but it still bears repeating.   Many with an interest in this development have even been crossing their fingers hoping that it might make way for a new breed of survival games, perhaps even bringing back a bit of that classic feel and magic from the RE days.  The question is – does it hit the mark or fall flat?  Read on to find out…

The Evil Within 2

Spoiler Alert* (NOT REALLY), The Evil Within pretty much does what it sets out to do and more.  This is definitely a great game that’s worth your time, effort and money.  All in all, it is the general unpredictable nature of the foes mixed with the somewhat grotesque and intentionally off-putting that draws you into this universe.  A lot can be said for a game’s feel, particularly within the horror domain.  Needless to say, TEW truly plays like a survival horror game should, with lots of control options and nuances along with the need for precise movements and tactical use of stealth.  Of course, while you’re doing all of that you’ll be bombarded with all sorts of craziness and bizarre enemies, of the type that you’d expect to find.

In fact, one of the coolest things about this game is the way it merges together many different disciplines of development.  There’s intriguing level design, imaginable / unpredictable enemies, warped story, and a more deliberate pacing which forces you to soak in the environment.  Sure, at certain points you’ll have to react with zeal, sprinting your way out of harms reach, but then again that’s part of The Evil Within’s dynamic gameplay system / setup.

The Evil Within 3

Before we go any further of course the graphics will have to be mentioned… They are, by all accounts, pretty outstanding.  As you’d expect, all the HUD elements fit together neatly with all other aspects of the presentation too, meaning that you’re ultimately left with such a slick and polished presentation that it’s nearly impossible to now be instantly immersed.  While certainly there are quite a few people who might gawk and scream bloody blasphemy at what I’m about to say, but “The Evil Within” seems to borrow heavily from the basic third-person creeping / horror action setup of “The Last of Us”.  In fact, for those who prefer the elements inherent to this game, it might even trump the aforementioned award winner (in some people’s books) in one or more ways.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within should not be without you or your PlayStation 4.  By all accounts, this is an instant classic and should not be missed.   Likewise, this is the perfect game to rekindle your interests in the horror genre if you’ve been long out of the loop.

Rating – 7.5

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