For The Win – A Look At E-WIN’s Stylish, Comfortable Champion Series Gaming Chairs

When you’re deep into a long, intense gaming session, comfort is absolutely key. The last thing you want is to triumphantly move to deliver that final blow, only for your back to start complaining loudly at you and throw you completely off your game. It might sound ridiculous, but it happens more often than you’d think.

When most people think about PC gaming, they imagine huge, monstrous towers with incredible CPU and GPU power, vast reserves of memory and a killer sound system. The chair is probably the most overlooked aspect of a gaming rig, but it’s also probably one of the most important. Today, we’d like to have a look at E-WIN and their Champion Series range of gaming chairs, because we think these chairs are the answer to the pained prayers of gamers everywhere.

It looks stunning and feels it too.
It looks stunning and feels it too.

First, a quick overview. The Champion Series consists of five models, four of which are similar to one another but sport different designs and a slightly different build. Model designations are CPA, CPB, CPC, CPD and CPH, with the latter being a premium iteration. E-WIN has slashed the prices on all of its Champion Series chairs, so you can grab any one of them right now for under 300 euro (except the CPH chair, which can be had for around 310 euro).

Okay, let’s look at what makes these chairs so special. The Champion Series sports a sleek, ergonomic design which won’t look out of place in any gaming setup thanks to its combination of minimalist aesthetics and chunky, solid build. Each Champion Series chair also comes complete with a headrest cushion and lumbar cushion, which will offer support to those areas during gaming. This is absolutely crucial; you may have felt some pain in your neck or lower lumbar while gaming for protracted periods of time, and the Champion Series chair will go a long way towards alleviating this.

It’s well cushioned and very comfortable – Ideal for gaming over long periods.

The fabric of E-WIN’s chairs is patented race car seat-style fabric, which is breathable, resilient and soft. Each of the Champion Series chairs is a joy to sit on, and even if things get super-intense you won’t feel the heat. The backrest of the chairs is extended extra-high to accommodate for all shapes and sizes of people, and will support your neck and spine with ease. What’s more, it’s flexible and can be adjusted, so no matter what angle you prefer for gaming, you’re covered here.

The Champion Series’ armrests are 4D polyurethane armrests, which can be adjusted just like the back of the chair. This helps to combat repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome when gaming; we all know how frenzied those mouse clicks can get, so it’s helpful to have a chair that can offset that. These armrests can be adjusted in several different ways and directions, too, so you’ll easily be able to find exactly where you want them to be.

Each Champion Series chair also comes with a super-strong aluminium base for support, as well as super-modern footrests and fast, smooth wheel traction. Of course, the chairs are fully adjustable thanks to a 120MM Class-4 gas lift, which will support up to 150kg weight safely and securely. The mechanisms which go into building the Champion Series are high-quality, durable and reliable; there’s no chance this chair will quit on you even during your most intense boss battle or round of multiplayer blasting.

Each of the four main Champion Series chairs comes in a variety of designs and colours, so you can accessorise your chair to match your gaming setup. Each design is eye-catching and striking without ever dominating the room, which is exactly where you want your gaming chair to be. The minimalism of the Champion Series’ design perfectly complements the ergonomic construction, which means you’re getting a chair that looks great and feels great.

Finally, there’s the ICON chair, which deserves a look of its own. The ICON comes complete with all the features of the main Champion Series, but also sports top-grain leather for its backrest. A mixture of artisan engineering, precision manufacturing and just plain old-fashioned design knowhow all come together to make the ICON the ideal chair for gaming enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Diamond pattern stitching combined with intelligent perforation patterns maximises comfort and breathability, meaning you’ll always feel good and stay cool while you’re seated in the ICON.

Amazing build quality, the best gaming chair on the market
Amazing build quality, the best gaming chair on the market

All of the Champion Series chairs are constructed with durable steel frames, cold molding high-density memory foam and super-high quality components to ensure only the best for E-WIN’s customers. We thoroughly recommend the Champion Series, because it’s seriously important to game with a great chair, and they don’t come much greater than the Champions and the ICON. Supercharge your gaming experience with the Champion Series. Check them our here (use coupon PS4 to grab a discount) –

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