Best Third-Party Accessories For The PS4

When it comes to peripherals and accessories for the PS4, nothing beats the original. Sony crafts accessories for its console with a care and attention that only the original manufacturer can display. With that said, there are lots of accessories and extras you can buy for your console that are manufactured by third-party companies and are excellent. If you’re looking to supercharge your gaming experience, here’s how you should do it. These are the best third-party accessories for PS4.

Best controller – Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro (£133.14)

If you’ve ever felt like the DualShock 4 was too small or like it was uncomfortable to hold, then the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is for you. This controller has been through several different iterations before arriving at the slick, streamlined form it currently has. It’s based somewhat on the Xbox One controller, which – credit where it’s due – does feel a little bit nicer to hold than Sony’s peripheral. If you’re looking for a pro controller that feels great and does the job, this Nacon option is perfect.

Best headset – Razer Kraken (£79.99)


You’ve probably heard of Razer if you know your gaming, and that’s no accident. The Californian gaming accessory manufacturer is king of its field, making peerless accompaniments for PC gamers and console players alike. The Kraken’s excellent 7.1 surround sound, comfortable fit, and cardioid microphone ensure that nobody will ever miss your instructions over team chat. This thing’s compatible with PC and other consoles, too, so you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Best keyboard – Logitech K380 (£39.99)

A quick caveat here that you should be aware of: the PS4 doesn’t actually support keyboard input for most of its games. Instead, the keyboard is pretty much only useful for sending messages to other players. Still, that’s a handy function to have; when we’re typing essays to our friends about how we’re sorry we played badly in our last game of Overwatch, we could definitely use a keyboard. There are some games that do support keyboard, though, including the aforementioned Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV, to name but a couple.

Best controller charging dock – Venom PlayStation 4 Twin Docking Station (£12.99)

Sometimes, you don’t want your accessories to come with hundreds of bells and whistles. The Venom DualShock 4 charging station does exactly what you’d expect it to: it charges two DualShock 4 controllers and nothing else. It does come with a couple of nice LED lights to indicate when the controllers are charging, but in the end, this is a simple, nice dual docking station that won’t cause a fuss and will look great in any gaming setup.

Best arcade stick – Razer Panthera Evo (£215.82)

Make no mistake, the Razer Panthera Evo is not a cheap arcade stick. Like many of Razer’s other accessories, the Panthera Evo simply exudes quality. The switches are fully mechanical, giving a real sense of weight and feedback every time you press them. The durability is legendary, and if you want to customise the inputs, you can do so thanks to a fully mod-capable design. To top it all off, the Panthera Evo looks absolutely gorgeous as well.

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Best racing wheel – Logitech G29 Driving Force Wheel (£329.99)

The G29 driving wheel is another premium accessory, but for racing fans, it’s impossible to beat. The wheel on this is hand-stitched and made of premium leather, creating a professional feel. If you’re a racing game nut, you’ll appreciate the dual-motor force feedback that adds a real kick to every single race. We know this is an expensive peripheral, but if you do love your racing games, you owe it to yourself to experience them as the developers intended.

Best thumbsticks – KontrolFreek Rush Thumbsticks (£12.03)

We love the PS4 perhaps more than anyone else, but even we can concede that the DualShock 4’s analog sticks leave a little to be desired. A couple of our controllers have worn down over the years, and some of them have the rubber casing barely hanging on by a thread. That’s where these KontrolFreek thumbsticks come in. They’re ergonomic, beautifully simple, and they don’t ruin the appearance of your controller. It’s definitely worth picking these up if you game on PS4 a lot.

Best travel case – Hermitshell Hard EVA PS4 Pro Travel Case (£42.99)

Prone to taking your PS4 Pro with you on long journeys, or even just to a friend’s house? You definitely need the Hermitshell Hard EVA case. This thing is seriously hard-wearing, so if you drop it you won’t need to worry about the state of your precious PS4 Pro. The company does make alternatives for other PS4 models, but they’re a little harder to find, so make sure you get the right solution for your console. When you save it from certain doom at the hands of the pavement, you’ll thank us.

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