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Buying a console can be a difficult choice, you’ve got loads of information to digest, after all. It’s even harder to select the perfect console at launch, this is because you have lots of questions which aren’t possible to answer until the console has matured, so to say. The great news is, if you decided to go the Sony PS4 route, then you’re sure to feel like you’ve made the best decision.

Sony PS4
Many thought that Microsoft’s XBOX One would equal Sony’s PS4 when it came to sales, however, this hasn’t happened. The PS4 has sold 10 million more units (as of December 2014) than its competitor. What’s more, reports and analysts are now suggesting that the PS4 could widen the gap further this year. Many grumble that sales mean nothing. So, why is having a best-selling console so great? Whilst having a larger gaming community is good, what really matters is that it basically gives Sony more power to deliver and provide an even better PS4 gaming experience.

So, why are more people opting to buy the PS4? Probably a question that’s popped up in a number of Microsoft executive meetings. For some time, the PlayStation 4 was cheaper than the XBOX One, which was eventually countered by Microsoft, whom decided to offer their console at a cheaper price. This price-cut from Microsoft made many believe that the XBOX One would suddenly surge in sales – however, this hasn’t happened; the majority are prepared to pay a little extra for the PS4.

ps4 consoleThe PS4 is the most powerful console of 8th generation consoles, this means you’ll find more 1080p titles than any other console on the PS4. Who wouldn’t pay a little extra for this? The growing catalogue of games is also something to savour, with some upcoming blockbusters that many can only dream about… Gran Turismo 7, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Until Dawn, No Man’s Sky and many new announcements at this year’s E3 event.

The aesthetics, weight and controller are just a few other areas to look at. However, whilst there are so many reasons why the PS4 is the bestselling console, this article takes a look at what the future might hold.

As you’re probably aware, Sony are involved in far more than console manufacturing. They’ve manufactured TVs, laptops, desktops, mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, cameras, headsets and much more. Remember Sony’s legendary Walkman? I’m not ashamed to admit that I once owned one, although, perhaps I should emphasize ONCE, though! However, this ONCE amazing piece of technology was eventually replaced with Apple’s iPod. Today’s entertainment market isn’t the same is it once was. You’ve had big players like Apple quickly take a large share of the mp3 player, smartphone, and tablet and laptop market. Laptops and desktop PCs have slowly become less popular due to advancements with smartphones and tablets.

Less-of-this....The time eventually came where Sony had to make fresh new decisions. Here’s a few of the recent ones:

  • Sony have exited the PC market – They sold off their PC brand VAIO last year (2014).
  • All 14 stores closed in Canada (2015)
  • Sony Online Music closed (Spotify and Sony partnership) (2015)
  • Sony sells SOE (2015)
  • Rumour’s that Sony are ready to pull out of the TV and mobile markets (2015)
  • Sony invests in ZMP (robotic car market) (2015)

What does this all mean? Sony are currently undergoing some serious changes, which ultimately mean less distractions and more focus around the PS4. That’s not to say that Sony are ready to exit all of their other entertainment areas immediately. Can Sony dominate the smartphone market? Probably not. Can Sony dominate the MP3 market like they once did with the Walkman? Probably not. Can Sony dominate the console market? They already are!

Sony’s new focus won’t just be the PS4 – another big area will be content. The same recipe that’s made Apple so successful: make a best-selling, specific hardware product and then provide the best content for it. Sony have games, movies and music at their disposal. They’ll also release content on many other devices too, however, expect plenty of exclusive content which will only be available to PS4, Sony customers. More-of-thisYes, Sony are also ready to explore totally new and untapped markets, such as the robotic car market, which could turn out to be a lucrative decision in the coming years, or decades.

Sony’s recent decisions have helped see their Share price sharlpy rise to a near 5 year high. Again, this signals that Sony are making some very wise decisions that investors are backing.

It’s true: The future’s bright – the future’s PS4. Expect more exciting blockbusters, movies and content coming soon on PlayStation 4. It’s difficult not to feel excited about this year’s E3, after all.

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