How to Protect Your PS4 Account

Online gaming is a massive target for cybercriminals. Online gaming accounts can be easy targets because gamers don’t protect them well enough. Read more about what you can do to keep your PS4 account safe.

It’s become very important for online gamers to consider cybersecurity. The Playstation Network has had a few security failures through the years, so you need to secure your own data as well as you possibly can. To keep your PS4 account safe, there are a few different things that you can do. Check out the best tips here.

Choose a safe password

A simple, but important security measure is the password you choose. A good password for your PS4 account is completely unique. Avoid using the same password for anything else. Make it long and strong by using a random combination of numeric and alphabetical characters. Use an online password generator to protect your ps4 account with a safe password. This way you will make sure that the password you choose is strong enough.

Use multi-factor authentication

In addition to your password, you should enable multi-factor authentication. PSN offers this extra layer of protection that you can turn on in your account setting. Multi-factor authentication is basically just an additional authentication method besides your password. This could be a phone number for example. When in your settings, there are also privacy settings that you can enable to increase your safety.

Avoid sharing your account details

This might sound like obvious advice. You wouldn’t share your account details with just anyone. But you might not think about sharing your account details with your friends. But this is actually something you should avoid. You never know whether their account has been hacked or whether it will be in the future. To be on the safe side, don’t share your login with anyone.

Don’t connect to social accounts

Another thing to avoid is connecting your PS4 account to any of your social accounts. This might be really convenient, but it adds an additional element of risk to your account. If any of your social accounts are hacked, the hackers will have easy access to your PS4 account. If you want your account to be safe, you should log in manually when you want to enjoy a social game.

Keep all of your information up-to-date

The last piece of advice is an important one. You should always make sure to keep your information connected to your PS4 account updated. If anything should happen to your account and you have to recover it, you rely completely on updated information. Sony will want you to validate your ownership of the account using the information you’ve provided.

All of this advice is something you should consider on all of your online accounts. If one of your accounts is breached, it is much easier to access your other accounts. Always have cybersecurity in mind if you want to do yourself a favor. Keep your information safe by thinking twice when online.

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