How To Use a Keyboard and Mouse with The PS4

Believe it or not, setting up and using a mouse and / or a keyboard with a standard PS4 is often a very easy process which involves simply plugging the device up to the console.  After a short while, the PlayStation 4 will recognize the keyboard/mouse and automatically assign default drivers, etc.  Then you simply fill out the details regarding which profile(s) have access to each device and then you’re ready to start using your new auxiliaries.

Useful step-by-step guide: How To Connect a Mouse and Keyboard to Your PlayStation 4

The big benefit here is that this basically transforms your console into a very stable and powerful gaming PC of sorts, and let’s be honest now, what self-respecting tech junkie doesn’t want that, eh?!  Anyway, back to the real topic at hand – using mice and keyboards with Sony’s incredible new console.  If you’re using a Bluetooth-capable device, for instance (like a wireless design) then you’ll need to enter the settings menu, go under devices and then select the Bluetooth option to search for connected compatible devices.  Following this, you’ll need to go through additional menus, perhaps pertaining to either/both entering passkeys or assigning a profile, as with the previous example.

Which Games Can You Play with a Keyboard and Mouse?

Simply put, there aren’t many. We have the game developers to blame for this – as they don’t want certain players having an upper-advantage within games. With that said, some games are specifically better played when used with a mouse, and this is also true when thinking about the PS4. Thus, the following games are reported to work fully with a keyboard and mouse:


  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • War Thunder
  • Paragon

There are probably more games compatible too, it’s something we will be investing soon. Any game within the RPG or strategy genre has a raised chance of having compatibility enabled. It’s easy to test a game out too, simply test it with a game and see what happens. Do you know of any other than the three mentioned above? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

How To Play Any Game With a Keyboard and Mouse

I’m guessing that you’re feeling a little disappointed. But, if you’ve got a budget to play with, then the XIM 4, an adaptor, will open mouse and keyboard access to every PS4 game. The device makes the PS4 think that your keyboard and mouse are the DualShock 4 controller – it’s quite a clever device. This will allow you to begin playing games with a keyboard and mouse, basically turning the console into something of a familiar friend for long-standing PC gamers who are used to this type of setup.


If this is a route you’d like to take, then you should look into acquiring an XIM adapter, which can be purchased here. They’re priced at around $150 and represent a pretty good investment for those who are ready to try something new, yet very familiar with their console (apart from the excellent DualShock 4 itself, which is a really great controller in its own right…just saying).

Likewise, if you’re feeling intrepid and are up to the challenge, you can even elect to give creating your own adapter a shot.  If you’re the average gamer, perhaps it’s better if you simply stick to a manufactured device…

In summation, there are a great number of reasons why a person should experiment with the keyboard and mouse, especially if the ability to use said control scheme with any title is on the table.  Simply put, there are so many nuances and minute movements which the use of a conventional mouse will be able to more effectively recreate.  Naturally, Sony’s standard gear does a fine job of this (no one is knocking their concept here), but there’s just something really comforting about being able to tap into the speed, fluidity and control which the keyboard/mouse setup offers.  In fact, you might find yourself playing through certain titles and perceiving them in an entirely different light, which is cool.

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