James Bond 007 Game Blockbuster to Hit PS4 in 2015 / 2016?

Whether or not you’re a fan of the James Bond franchise (and let’s admit it, since you’re reading this you probably are) you cannot deny that the series’ gaming franchise really needs a bit of a boost. Believe it or not, various developers have been making 007 video games since the early 1980’s, of course the first real “hit” wasn’t scored until Rare released “Goldeneye: 007” for the Nintendo 64, but that’s another story altogether. With 23 James Bond 007 movie releases, the James Bond movies series has offered action packed movie entertainment since 1953.  GoldenEye 007 was arguably the best game released on the N64 and the third bestselling game for the console. 007 game releases have generally been a mixed bag; we’ve had an award winner, many average, and some borderline terrible releases. It’s highly likely that Bond will be arriving on PS4 in the near future, the question is can we expect a blockbuster? There just seems to be some chatter in the air and on the internets that points toward many people imagining or lusting after a new bond game to tear through. The question of course is when, where and how it’ll reach us…


There IS a new movie on the way, btw…

Ok, yeah…the title of this piece is a bit misleading (as it might imply that we have some insider knowledge of what’s cooking behind the scenes), but given the fact that there’s a new film headed our way (#24), the notion doesn’t seem very far-fetched. When you factor in the time it takes to create a game and this new movie, which is apparently going to be called “Spectre” as a throwback to the classic 007 evil syndicate, a new video game might be likely to arrive by next year or perhaps at the very latest, the following (2016). Who might be developing this hypothetical title or even what it might about is of course, anyone’s best guess. With the general direction the films have taken as of late one would think that there would be plenty of fodder to fuel a new release, but such is apparently not the case…

Suggestions, suggestions…

Still, one of the main quips we’ve heard from more than a few gamers is that the typical 007 gaming experience seems to lack depth. By and large it’s always the same – one big frag fest wherein you control a near-invincible bond tank amid tons of explosions. While this might actually be a good reason to fire up a bond title, the truth is that the franchise probably deserves something a bit more evolved. Ask any gamer fan of the movie series and they’re likely going to agree, someone desperately needs to up the “007 factor” and allow for more intricate and measured gameplay.

One could easily forsee developers integrating a whole new set of mechanics to the fray, perhaps borrowing little bits, pieces and ideas from currently popular titles and reintegrating them all into one potent stew. Just imagine having the branching conversation systems of a Mass Effect paired with the parkour action of Assassins’ Creed mired in Splinter Cell-like stealth mechanics. Better yet, bring it all together under a GTA V style sandbox and place emphasis on all sorts of branching quests.  Even better, why not pair a new bond title with VR tech courtesy of the Oculus Rift or maybe Sony’s hush, hush project “Morpheus”? Yeah, the bond game series really needs to grow and expansion and refinement are at the top of the list. Taking on additional characteristics which distance the franchise from its typical “on rails” mechanics isn’t just a good idea, it might be critical to its long-term survival and viability.

If and when it does arrive it’s probably going to be on the PS4

Right now the hottest thing going in games is probably Sony’s PlayStation 4. It seems to have hit upon a near magical set of circumstances and sales while also managing to deliver tons of power and opportunities. Seriously, it’s as if the stars have aligned for this 8th generation console and it can do no wrong. After surpassing 15 million units sold internationally it doesn’t appear to be slowing in its momentum nor resting on its laurels – you can expect great things, that much is sure.   This is of course just one of the reasons why if / when the new bond game arrives it’s probably going to be on the PS4. Clearly, developers want to work with Sony’s machine, not just because it has a built-in massive audience but also because it is incredibly powerful and competent. Seriously, the PlayStation 4 can handle just about anything any developer can dream up and throw at it without slowing down or batting an eye.

Blockbuster or not, the time has come for a new bond game!

While it might be extreme wishful thinking to imagine the next bond game being something truly spectacular or revolutionary (we are talking about a non-existent hypothetical game, after all), we can at the very least expect something on par with what’s come before. In all honesty we’re due for another 007 adventure. In spite of the repackaging of various other titles and the release of impending films, fans are no doubt eager to virtually jump into bond’s shoes once more.   Keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout, agent.

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