NARUTO STORM 4 Road to Boruto Review

If you have been a fan of the Naruto series of games, then you might be slightly disappointed with the expansion pack that was released recently this was a much anticipated expansion pack that promised to deliver a world of excitement to the universe and instead it came up a littleshort. While it is a good game, it does not live up to the hype and does not come into the land of being a great game by any means. Here are a few of the things that the game could have used to improve on to make it a little more desirable.

The first area is that there is not a lot of new characters when you are having to rely on old characters to help pull in the fans, something has went south in your world. Most of the new characters that are brought into the game are non playable. This will be an area that leads a lot of players to not even want to try and play the game as they do not want to have to see players that they think are playable only to discover that is is just a cruel joke from the game makers. This is an area where the ball was massively dropped.

The few new characters that are actually playable you have to gain by going through story mode. If you have read the manga, then you know what ha[pens next and therefore you will be more entertained than playing the game for the painfully awkward storytelling to play out. By the time you reach thend, you are regretting the purchase and are swearing that you are done with the whole franchise. This is not helping the brand, it simply hurts it.

Not all the news is bad, from a development standpoint, there are some shining areas, one of these being that they did a good job on the graphics, most of the graphics are a marked improvement from the previous game that came out. This is one area where things were done right, it is a shame that the rest of the game could not have been as successful as this one area was.

If you had high expectations for this game, then you were like a lot of people and a little disappointed that the game failed to deliver the big pop that it had promised. Watching the trailer and playing the actual game seem like two different worlds. The trailer was the land of what could have been and the actual game play was the land of what never was. It is best to save your money and if you have a friend that has it, borrow it from them. If they feel like the rest of the people, they my just let you have it and let you be disappointed like everyone else.

The price is a saving grace as it is priced at $20 which helps to soften the blow of what a miss this expansion pack was for such a popular game series.

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