The Walking Dead – The Telltale Series: A New Frontier Review

When most people hear the words Walking Dead, they get excited and they have a look on their face like a new child on Christmas morning. This look is made to be even bigger and better when you add the words The Telltale Series to the mix. These are two things that go together like axes and zombies. With this latest season it proves that the telltale series is well developed and one of the best around. This season is well scripted, well developed and has some of the best graphics of any game series.

The first episode of the new series starts out strong and does not back off through the rest of the current series. The title of a new frontier means that the game is going places where it has not went in the past. This is also where we meet one of the new characters named Javi. This character helps push the story deeper and allow it to be one of the most detailed and well laid out stories of the entire series. You can look at the game and see where there has been a lot of development in how these characters react to their environment.

In addition to adding new characters, the game also goes where a lot of games I have noticed fail and develop further characters that may not be central to the actual story itself. Characters like Clementine are still developed and allow to grow as the story proceeds. This is one thing that when I sat down to play was pleasantly surprised to see. I also noticed that the game has an incredible increase to the graphics value compared to the earlier games that came out of the previous versions. When you get to playing, you often will find yourself that you will think you are watching a television show as opposed to playing a video game.

There are a couple of areas where the developers dropped the ball. One of the main areas that they failed to really grab me at was the music choice that they selected for the game. For some reason the music does not seem to really fit the gameplay and seems at times to be disjointed. Another area is that some characters appear and really don’t have a purpose. It is almost like they had a lack of characters for the game and just created some new ones to fill in the space. This again makes the game in areas seem rushed and not well thought out.

Overall this is a very good game that has a lot of things that will make it a game of the year contender. If you are not that detailed of a person, then you may miss and overlook most of the things I brought up as being negatives, if you are paying attention to details, then you will notice these things a lot more. Nonetheless, this is a game that you will want to make sure that you buy and play to see where the saga leads.

Jim Williams

Originally from Great Falls Montana. Currently living in Memphis Tn, an avid motorcycle rider, gamer. I love everything that is PS4 related and have taken part in a number of gaming tournaments including an annual Madden tournament.

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