Need for Speed: Rivals Tips Guide

The concept of the open-world racing title is relatively new, with the Need for Speed franchise being one of the best examples thereof.  As with some of the other entries (most notably NfS: Hot Pursuit) the basic dynamic featured here is one where racers are pitted against cops.  It’s a formula that works well and offers up distinct advantages (as well as pitfalls) for players on either side of the struggle.  Of course what makes the game interesting is its massive map (over 100 miles of roads), upgradeable gadgets, and career progression architecture.

In the midst of all this, some might find themselves slightly overwhelmed or perhaps even confused about how to proceed.  Not to worry – we’ve got you covered with a basic tips guide that will help you to build a better NfS: Rivals career.

Know your limits

While it should go without saying that you shouldn’t try to complete challenges and races that are above your skill level, a lot of players tend to overestimate their abilities while in the early stages.  In other words, the best course of action you can take (initially) is to focus on all the relatively easy events and races.  Don’t think for a second that you’re going to easily surmount some challenging event in a car that simply isn’t up to the challenge.  Instead, make it a point to look around for more easily surmountable activities so that you’ll be upgraded when you finally do hit the grid for that more challenging event.

Implement some strategy with your “tech”

Playing as either a cop or a racer, you’ll immediately notice that each class has their own unique tech.  For instance, if you’re playing as a cop, you’ll be able to use EMP blasts or spike strips to thwart racers.  Conversely, if you’re a racer, you can implement your Jammer, which greatly disrupts their efforts, or a speed boost to escape.  Of course none of these goodies will enhance your abilities on their own – you have to learn to use them strategically in order to truly benefit.  Maybe you’re racing along and attempting to pull ahead of the competition?  If this is the case you’ll want to implement your speed boosts at just the right time (perhaps along straight stretches of road leading to a series of complex turns?).  Similarly, if you’re a cop and find yourself with the opportunity to lay down a spike strip in front of a racer; try to position it in a place that forces them to drive across the hazard.  In short, a little bit of strategizing goes a long way in Need for Speed: Rivals.

New vehicles

Right off the bat, one of the perks of being a cop in this game is the fact that you can access them free of charge as you progress; this alone will make some people more apt to start out as an officer.  However, there are always trade-offs, and there’s something wholly satisfying about actually purchasing and upgrading autos as a racer, to tell you the truth.  Having said that, you should pay particularly close attention to all the choices you make in this area.  For example, you should never simply elect to buy a new vehicle without weighing the pros and cons vs. simply upgrading your current one.

Make frequent visits to repair shops

Arguably, making frequent visits to repair shops (both before and after events) is the true key to dominating this game, aside from honing your skills, that is.  In fact, the prudent racer will always know where a repair shop is in relation to the start / finish line.  You see, after each event your vehicle is left in its standing condition – which can be dangerous if you’ve had a rather aggressive race, for example.  Following the completion of each event you should immediately head off to make repairs.  It should also be noted that after doing so your pursuit tech meter is replenished as well, which can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Learn how to effectively use your nitrous

Simply put – proper use of one’s nitrous will lead to better handling, position and overall racing dominance.  Ideally, you should only hit the nitro when you are in need of a slight boost.  Perhaps you need to overtake another racer or give yourself a bigger lead coming out of tricky turns?  Hitting the nitrous at just the right time can make all the difference in the world.

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