PlayStation Classics We’d Love to See on PS4

The PlayStation brand began wayback in 1995, and we’ve since seen loads of amazing games released. Here we take a look at a few classics which deserve a remake on the PS4…

Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot
With tricky puzzles, memorable bosses, and plenty of wild rides on the various inventive vehicles Crash has to take for a spin it should be no surprise that we would love to see a Crash Bandicoot reboot on PlayStation 4.  The cartoony style graphics might not max out the processing power of the machine but it could definitely be a beautiful game and a continuation of the story of Crash’s battles against Neo Cortex and the corruption of animal kind would definitely have our attention.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Papu Papu in high definition?

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain


Blood Omen Legacy of Kain
We first met Kain way back in 1996 on the PlayStation.  The game was ported to Windows the following year.  You start out playing as Kain, a travelling nobleman who is quickly slain by a band of brigands.  He is offered a chance to rise from the grave and exact revenge on his murderers, which he quickly accepts and rises as a vampire.  As you progress Kain gains all sorts of new vampiric powers that are not only useful in his quest to destroy The Circle of Nine and cure his vampirism, but also a lot of fun to play around with.  Kain goes on to subjugate humanity, creating a pack of vampire lieutenants to enforce his rule.

One of his lieutenant sons, Raziel, defies Kain, who promptly kills the insubordinate vampire.  Raziel rises from the dead (again…and again and again…ouch!) to overthrow Kain, only to become an arguably worse evil.  The story sort of fizzled away after the cancellation of Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun in 2012.  From the look of the footage that was released you would have played as Raziel again.  I, for one, would love to see this title, and maybe another installment playing as Kain be released.

Wild Arms


Wild Arms
The desert world of Filgaia carries plenty of western style to go along with the “ARMs” that are the gun-like namesake of the franchise.  With beautiful, stylistic environments, and plenty of interesting weapons the game has a whole lot…well, style.  Wild Arms has gone through two distinct combat systems.  Wild Arms 1-3 used classic head to head turn based RPG combat.  Wild Arms 4 introduced us to a HEX combat system that required players to move characters around during their turn, the necessity of close proximity to use certain actions brought a new element of strategy to the game.  Whether another title used HEX combat, head to head, or some other form of combat we know that the stylish game could make great use of advance in technology and graphic capabilities, not to mention we’d just love to spend some more time in Filgaia.

Spyro the Dragon


Spyro the Dragon ps1
Another fun cartoony game fully of puzzles and creative bad guy smashing (or burning, as the case may have it).  Spyro the Dragon put players into the shoes of a cute little purple dragon tasked with freeing his fellow dragons from their crystal prisons.  You’ll need quick reflexes and a bit of precision to make your way past preposterous enemies, tricky puzzles, and collect the multitude of gems that Spyro seems to have a never ending appetite for.  The series made it to PlayStation 3 but seems to have hit a hurdle as Sony no longer owns the rights to the mascots, but we can cross our fingers!

Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy Tactics
Okay so you probably saw this one coming.  We all know that we all want another taste of this strategy classic.  Personally, I’d just love to see the spell animations that the PS4 could pull off on a game like this.  As it turns out there is a sort of unofficial reboot going under another name and receiving its funding via Kickstarter.  I’m not here to advertise anything, but if you are interested in seeing this happen the game is called Unsung Story and it appears to be doing pretty well.

Well that’s it, 5 games we would love to see playing on the PlayStation 4.  And with any luck whatever comes next as well.  Got a game you’d love to see on current gen gaming consoles?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments!  Keep gaming, and check back soon.  We’ll see you then.

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