How to Prepare for the PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro was only just recently announced, but it’s already just around the corner. Available for purchase on November 10, 2016, the PS4 Pro is only a few months away, which doesn’t give you a ton of time to prepare. In order to be ready when the Pro does finally launch, we’ve come up with a few things to think about as release day draws near. First, we’ll go through just what the PS4 Pro is in order to a highlight a few reasons why you should be getting ready.

What is the PS4 Pro?

PS4 Pro
PS4 Pro

Think of your PS4 as a bodybuilder that can do a lot of heavy lifting… now think of the PS4 Pro as a bodybuilder on steroids that can literally do twice as much heavy lifting. That’s essentially what the Pro is; a souped up version of the standard PS4 that has twice the processing power and can therefore play games with graphics that are twice as good. It’s essentially a PS4.5, and early looks at what it’s capable of are definitely mind-blowing. The PS4 Pro will be the first console that can handle 4K resolution and will be able to easily handle 1080p games at 60 frames per second.

Now that you know what the PS4 Pro is all about, let’s get into the steps you need to take in order to prepare…

Step One: Get a 4K TV

4k tv sony

In order to get as much out of the PS4 Pro as possible, you need to invest in a 4K TV. 4K is the highest resolution available at the moment, and it produces near photo-realistic images. Did you think Uncharted 4 was pretty before? Wait until you see it in 4K. Far-off character models or environmental features won’t be blurred in the distance with 4K, they’ll be completely clear and easy to make out no matter how far away you are… 4K is like the difference between having terrible vision and suddenly getting glasses- the world is suddenly so much more clear than you ever thought it could be.

Even if you can’t afford or aren’t willing to upgrade to a 4K TV, PS4 Pro will still increase the visuals on your regular HDTV by allowing the TV to use every ounce of its power to provide a gorgeous 1080p experience.

Step Two: Grab an Ethernet Cable

With modern technology being mostly wireless these days, you may find yourself without an Ethernet cable… you definitely need one in time for the PS4 Pro launch, though, as it’s the only way that you’ll be able to transfer your save files and profiles from your standard PS4 onto your new Pro model. That’s right, all you have to do is connect the cable from one system to the other, and your Pro will have all the same data and info that your old PS4 had, allowing you to pick up your game right where you left off, even though you’re playing on a completely new system!

Step Three: Clear Some Room for PS VR

ps vr

Make sure your gaming space has plenty of room for you to enjoy PS VR, because that’s one of the biggest advantages of picking up PS4 Pro. The Pro will be able to take full advantage of the PS VR headset and hardware, so you’ll want to be able to take full advantage of it, as well! The graphical quality and realism offered by PS VR is going to be unprecedented, especially when you have the hardware to be able to handle it.

Step Four: Pre-Order The Best Looking Games


There are plenty of games coming out in the future that looked amazing before the PS4 Pro reveal, but once they started showing off how the titles look on the Pro hardware, they were simply mind-blowing. Check out Horizon: Zero Dawn, For Honor, and Spider-Man PS4 just to get started. The coming months should reveal a lot more games tailored for the PS4 Pro hardware, so keep an eye out to see what needs to be pre-ordered!

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