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Finally, a decent billiards game for the PlayStation 4!  Yes, developer “VooFoo Studios” (the minds behind such titles as “Hustle Kings”) has brought us a definitively solid game that is about pool and not much else.  Just as its name clearly implies, this is a pure experience that’s devoid of any sort of erratic action, instead the focus is on bringing gamers a solid experience that’s extremely polished.

First off, let’s talk about the visuals.  To put it bluntly, this game looks absolutely brilliant.  Everything is presented in sharp detail, looking very realistic in terms of general design, lighting as well as setting.  You really get the feel that you’re in some dark ritzy pool hall while playing this game, and that’s something that a lot of titles tend to forgo for some reason.  Nevertheless, the game constantly sets up a certain perspective which makes the action at the table the main focus and attraction.  Speaking of which, the table itself is very nice-looking too, with the Pure Pool logo emblazoned on it.

Likewise, the physics are also superb and feel very natural to the touch.   If you actually play pool (in the physical world) then you should already be familiar with most of the ins and outs of simply hitting a few balls across the table with your cue.  In short, all of the classic setups and shots look and feel very realistic, which is something you absolutely have to get right with a game like this.   Even the strength in which you put forward in each shot makes a difference in extremely detailed and nuanced ways.  It’s refreshing to see what a fully realized pool actually looks like, to tell you the truth.  Moreover, you can actually stand up and walk around the table, which certainly adds a bit to the immersion factor and helps to drive home the point and feel of the game as well.   For too long we’ve been bombarded with all sorts of zaniness while the core game itself remained neglected.

There’s also quite a lot to do in Pure Pool.  From running your own career (comprising entries for both 9 ball as well as 8 ball) to taking part in skill games and so forth, it’s not as if you’re stuck with one simple mode.  Obviously, taking things online is where most people will find their fun, and the more serious players will definitely want to consider creating their own league or tournaments (linking up through social media to promote it, etc.)  Many might find that this title actually helps their game in real life, as once you get the hang of many tricky shots it seems to be a bit easier to visualize how you might pull them off when you’re actually standing at a table.

Whether you’re a die-hard billiards fan, are completely new to the sport or just looking for a different kind of game to sink your teeth into, Pure Pool is a pure delight on the PS4.

Rating – 8.6

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