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GamesCom has once again rolled around for its annual pass, bringing with it all the relevant upcoming news, updates, releases and surprises you’d expect. Without a doubt, one of the biggest stories from this year’s event has to be the ongoing rivalry between Microsoft and Sony. Both console makers have unveiled a slew of games and seem poised to deliver even more goodies throughout the coming year (and the next).  As for GamesCom 2014, once again you could say that the PlayStation 4 takes top marks here. Sony and its flagship console seem like something of an unstoppable juggernaut, adding millions of sales in the blink of an eye.   Well, if the upcoming news and releases don’t inspire even more Sony sales, it would be truly surprising.

Here’s a basic PS4 Summary from GamesCom 2014…

The 2.0 Firmware update

Certainly there were plenty of games (including new IP’s) to gawk at, but hands down most people were excited about the upcoming 2.0 firmware update for the PS4, which will actually refine the system and add new features.  These additions include complete integration and support for Youtube.   In other words, players will be able to share gameplay clips and segments rather easily, courtesy of an impending YT app.   This is obviously great news for more high profile and social gamers or those who just like to make tutorials.

Secondly, there’s the highly anticipated “share play” feature which will be rolling out, thus allowing one gamer to “share” their purchased copy of any game with another user online.   They’ve likened this to a virtual couch, where the second person can tap into the play stream making it sort of like remote play, but catering specifically to multiplayer gaming.

The Games

Now let’s take a look at the main games that were covered at this year’s GamesCom event.


Hands down, perhaps the biggest, most successful and highly anticipated presentation dealt with the impending release of “Destiny”, a new sci-fi IP from the people at Bungie (known for the Halo series).  Reportedly, Activision is spending no less than $550 million dollars developing this title, so expect it to be one of the absolute hardest hitting titles released this generation.  For those who might be curious about its visuals and gameplay, let’s just say that the game looks absolutely amazing and that its main gimmick will be in delivering a series of interactive worlds which feel very “alive” (to use their own parlance).

Destiny GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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Dayz ps4
Yes, that’s right the incredibly popular MMO, “DayZ” is also headed to the PS4!  This would make it the only other platform the game is found on, aside from PC, that is.  Needless to say, this is pretty good news, especially considering the title’s popularity on the internet, heck, we might even see a number of die-hard players opting to move other to consoles because of this.

Far Cry 4

First off, you know that the makers of Far Cry 4 are going to continue to push and refine their action-packed FPS / sandbox series in new and exciting directions.  Expect more freedom as well as an even better story as well as enhanced multiplayer features which will allow you to invite up to 10 other players to take part in co-operative missions.

Far Cry 4 GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Taking to the stage himself, Hideo Kojima demonstrated MGS V: The Phantom Pain and some of its features.  Of particular note was the segment where he showed you all the different stuff you could do with a mainstay of the series, a simple cardboard box, eliciting laughs from the audience.   Take note though, this game isn’t a laughing matter and is perhaps the finest Metal Gear title to be released, well……ever.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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inFamous: First Light

Expect even more flashy sandbox action from the next infamous release, which is really an add-on functioning as a new campaign.  The addition of a female protagonist is certainly going to shake things up a bit, but in a good way, probably enticing more ladies to pick up controllers and explore Seattle.

inFamous: First Light GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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The demented minds of From Software that brought us titles like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls is finishing up “Bloodborne”, a crazy difficult survival horror title that will tickle the fancies of those who enjoy difficult games.  Even though many might feel that its predecessors were dark and strange enough, Bloodborne ups the ante and the chills, by crafting ever more ingenious ways to kill you and it doesn’t let up, either.

Bloodborne GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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The Order: 1886

Certainly one of the most unique titles to be offered up for the PS4, “The Order: 1886” looks amazing, sounds great, has a wonderfully original story tacked on and features the sort of gameplay that keeps coming back for more.  Needless to say, the game’s environment is truly one of a kind as is the way the story unfolds – expect this steampunk action fantasy trip to be a big hit.

The Order: 1886 GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 5
One of the most celebrated game franchises within the Sony canon comes back for another round of fun.  As you might expect, they’ve upped the ante too, meaning that there’ll be new features inside of an even better overall presentation.

LittleBigPlanet 3 GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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“Alienation” is going to be a PS4 exclusive twin stick shooter, somewhat in the style of a “Dead Nation”.  If these sorts of bash ‘em up games presented from a somewhat isometric perspective are your thing, you’re going to love the sci-fi direction the developer has taken here.

Alienation GamesCom 2014 screenshots


Well, finally….Driveclub is just about ready for release, certainly to the relief of racing fans.  This title was originally pegged as a tier one title, i.e. – to be unveiled with the console itself.  It’s good that they waited however, because all the various refinements that have gone into Driveclub have made it a much more interesting and deep driving game.   Most people will latch onto the increased social influence the game tries to forge, which takes a somewhat refined approach to racing whereas a lot of other titles seem to bask in their ability to deliver little more than action-packed wrecks.

Driveclub GamesCom 2014 screenshots

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Other notable games mentioned at GamesCom 2014…

  • The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter
  • The Tomorrow Children
  • Hellblade
  • Hollowpoint
  • Rime
  • WiLD
  • Until Dawn
  • P.T.
  • Tearaway Unfolded

That’s pretty much all the big PS4 news from GamesCom 2014, so until next year we wish you lots of awesome gaming.

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