Sniper Elite 4 Review

Let’s face it, we all have that side of us that just loves looking through a sniper scope and taking out the bad guys from a distance. In this latest offering in the Sniper Elite series, you get more than your fill of killing the bad guy and making the world a little safer in the long run. There are a lot of areas where there have been massive improvements made in the way of levels and graphics. With previous versions of the game, getting around and not getting caught was a cumbersome task that took a lot more skill than was worth the kill.

In Sniper Elite 4 that has changed in a big manner. There is not as much clumsiness in a person getting from point A to point B. along with making moving around easier there is the fact that the opening map is three times the size of the ones in the previous version. This alone makes the game a worthy game to be included in the Sniper Elite series of games. This creates a wide range of objectives that you can accomplish in the way that you see best. I found there is no real way to proceed about this.

These maps are expansive for the purpose of helping you to get the perfect spot so that you can with ease place a bullet in the head of a deserving enemy. These were placed by the developers to allow players a wider range of options for getting that perfect shot off. This was one thing I was glad to see be included in the game as opposed to the previous versions. X-ray kills have made a return and in a grand manner, as the seeing of an enemy’s head explode and brains flying everywhere is rewarding in some regard.

As mentioned before, the graphics have been massively increased and as a result this has led to players being treated to kills in a lot gorier and dramatic detail. I have to admit I was very surprised at the level of detail that the developers went into with the newest installment. Often times I found myself at a point I forgot it was just a game and pictured myself behind the sniper scope ready to take an enemy out.

Other aspects of gameplay are not as clunky as it once was, as there have been vast improvements made with the AI, and this can actually be a good thing, but a bad thing too. It is good in the fact that your reactions are more realistic based and therefore you are able to react just as you would if you were in the real world. The bad side of this is the fact that your position can be narrowed down and therefore your position can be determined by officers. This can bring the fight to you regardless of if you wanted it or not. Even if you have never picked up a gun in any of these games, the gameplay is easy to learn and will have you killing in no time at all. This is one of the best games to come out and it is highly recommended.

Jim Williams

Originally from Great Falls Montana. Currently living in Memphis Tn, an avid motorcycle rider, gamer. I love everything that is PS4 related and have taken part in a number of gaming tournaments including an annual Madden tournament.

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