The All-time Best South Park Video Games

The first South Park game, released in North America in 1998, was an off-shoot of the popular animated television series. Developed and designed by Iguana Entertainment, the game was formatted for Nintendo 64, and then later revised for European players and Microsoft Windows. The original South Park is characterised as “a first person shooter”. A single player game mode allows players to manipulate one of four principle characters: Kenny, Kyle, Stan, or Cartman in an attempt to defeat various enemies with weapons acquired through levelled advancement. While an evil comet approaches earth, South Park is faced with a barrage of enemies…mutant rabid turkeys, deformed townsfolk clones, crazed robots, aliens, and intellectual murderous toys. At this point, any one of the four central characters steps up to save South Park. Later versions include code revealing multi-player options.

South Park – Chef’s Luv Shack:

South Park – Chef’s Luv Shack

After the release of the original games in 1998 and 1999, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Microsoft Window’s Chef’s Luv Shack followed close behind. This variation was developed and published by the Acclaim Studios Austin/Acclaim Entertainment, and distributed by the Comedy Central. Exclusively a multiple player game, action shifts between a series of three-question mini-games.

South Park Casino Game:

South Park

South Park Casino Game is one of the latest twists to the game. A change-up from the original it allows instant play, activating hours of excitement and fun. The South Park Casino Game matches up the famous foursome with Mr. Hanky, serving as the wild symbol. Original sound-effects and colourful characterisations bring the old favourites to life on browsers. Push ‘spin’ and activate the game, either in ‘free’ or ‘play for real’ modes.

South Park Rally:

south park rally playstation

Originally released in 2000 for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and Dreamcast, SP Rally was published and distributed by the above two companies, following development by Tantalus Interactive. The Rally revolves around the South Park’s mayor’s call for residents to participate in a wild race that includes a wide assortment of cars and characters.

South Park Let’s Go Tower Defence Play!

South Park Let's Go Tower Defence Play!

This South Park title wasn’t a PlayStation release, however, it made our South Park best games list. Issued by Xbox Live Arcade in 2009, South Park Let’s Go Tower Defence Play!, was developed in a collaborative effort by Doublesix, South Park Digital Studios, and Xbox Live Productions. It was the first game that Microsoft Studios published that included an uncensored audio track in which Professor Chaos wreaks havoc in South Park.

South Park – Tenorman’s Revenge:

South Park – Tenorman’s Revenge

Whilst this isn’t a PlayStation title, it still made our list of best South Park games. Another Xbox release: Tenorman’s Revenge debuted in 2012. Following development by Other Ocean Interactive, it was made available to consumers by Microsoft Studios. Narrated by ‘the Wise One’ the story begins with the apparent theft of an Xbox 360 hard drive. Afraid of regressing in the game, the foursome chases Tenorman through a portal with little regard for space and time.

South Park – The Stick of Truth:

South Park Stick of Truth

PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360 released South Parks: The Stick of Truth in 2014. Developed collaboratively with THQ, South Park Digital Studios, and Obsidian Entertainment, the rights to publishing were later bought up by Ubisoft following the filing of bankruptcy by THQ. This action caused a delay in the release of the game. In the latest version of SP, a new kid on the block instigates a fantasy game where warriors and wizards battle over possession of the Stick of Truth.

This throw-back favourite never seems to grow old. In spite of varied reviews, South Park games continue to attract players due to great 3D graphics, quality audio effects, and compelling storylines.

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