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As we all know, The Order 1886 is a 3rd person action-adventure that focuses on shooting. It was developed by Ready at Dawn for Sony, they then later went on to produce it exclusively for the PS4. The game is set in Victorian England where a war is being waged between humanity and inhuman-like creatures at the turn of the industrial revolution.

The Order 1886
This game requires a lot of skill to make it through to the end, read on for tips on how to survive and kick ass in The Order 1886.

When it comes to taking cover, use your noggin

The Order has a cool cover system, by pressing circle you can quickly snap in and don’t have to waste time by pressing multiple different buttons to get away. To make this even better, try backing away with the analogue stick and get to another cover point. Galahad seeks cover this way whilst keeping his head down, meaning less damage inflicted!

Note- some cover positions are vulnerable such as the decaying walls, or if a grenade pops up as a red icon on screen, use the X prompt to roll away and avoid danger.

Make shotgunners a priority

The shotgunners are very good at flanking your position and can take you by surprise. The Bolder attackers will not hesitate to come straight onto you, when their blast connect you will stagger back and be left open to more attacks. Only 2 shots from these destroyers can kill you, if you end up in the ‘crawling state’ get to cover ASAP and use the Blackwater to heal your injuries.

Ammo crates match all weapons

Rebel weapons suck compare to a Knight’s armoury. For those times that you run out of ammo for the arc blaster, falchion or thermite rifle; keep an eye out for ammo boxes. They give both primary and secondary ammo for any gun that you are carrying and can save you in your time of need.

The might of Blacksight

To activate Blacksight slow motion simply press L1 and get a few extra shots on the enemy with your side firearm. One has the choice to go for power over speed with a revolver, or utilise the auto pistol for multiple shots.

When the target icon is red, that is an indicator of a kill shot so try moving onto a new target using the right stick, don’t waste bullets on a corpse you know is beaten. When all targets have been taken out press L1 button again to conserve the ability and leave less time for it to fully recharge.

Note: You cannot aim for specific body parts using Blacksight mode, this is done automatically.

So there you have it, some top tips to help you get the most out of The Order 1886.

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