Top Casino Games on PS4

One of the most iconic gaming consoles in the PlayStation 4 or more simply known as the PS4. Since its release in late 2013, the library of games for the device have grown significantly. There are even many casino games that can be played on the PS4.

Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship

There is no match for the charged excitement that is in the air when playing in a live poker room but this particular game does a pretty good job of imitating it. With online multiplayer mode, expect to play other poker fans from all over. Players may choose to join a tournament that’s already been begun by another player. On the other hand, they may wish to start their own tournament and invite others to join. As many as eight players can be supported in each tournament.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker allows players to personalize the game to their liking. Animated avatars can be designed to represent oneself at the poker table. The background of the game is quite realistic with fantastic three dimensional graphics. Multiplayer mode is possible with Prominence Poker as well as individual mode.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Another game that provides a simulation of an actual casino is Four Kings. Like Prominence Poker, players also create their own avatar which they can also personalize. As you move through the game, clothing and other accessories can be unlocked which you may choose to use for your avatar. All of the best casino games can be found on this game including poker, blackjack, Keno, slot machines, bingo and roulette.

While these games do allow gamers to play the most popular casino games, they do so without wagering real money.

Choose from any of these games to enjoy a casino experience on the PS4. While you can just play using in-game currency, you can always opt to be real money by accessing online casinos through the PS4’s built-in web browser.

James Allsopp

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