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The “Trials” series has forged a niche for itself within the video game world thanks to its uniquely deep, yet simple gameplay and highly appealing visuals.  Think of it as a sort of 3D enhanced, 2D side-scrolling motorbike-centric experience (or a radical modernization of the concepts explored in the “Excitebike” franchise of Nintendo fame, if you’re into retro gaming).

With the impending release of Trials Fusion, the ante is being upped once again thanks to updated graphics as well as the prospect of an actual physical retail release.  For those who would rather purchase a disc in lieu of the ever-handy digital download, the increased price will include not only the game itself but also bundled content.  At a cost of around $40 (US) you can expect to receive the main crux of the game as well as codes for all 6 of the coming DLC packs.  Clearly, if you’re a big fan of the Trials franchise, this is the way to go.  Of course you can always opt to purchase the game digitally at a cheaper price and buy a season pass later if that’s more your style.

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As far as the game itself is concerned, you only need to know that Trials Fusion is arguably one of the most visually spectacular racing titles you can purchase for your PS4.  Sure, there are some truly great driving games headed our way this year, but none can match the directness and bombast that you’re going to find in this Trials installment.  For starters, the vast array of all-new locations (some of which have to be seen to be fully appreciated) will leave you flabbergasted in their scale and detail.  Taking a look at this Trials Fusion gameplay trailer, it’s clear that developer Red Lynx has put their very heart and soul into this game and are giving the hardcore fans exactly what they’ve been asking for.

Don’t get the wrong idea though; no one has switched up the formula too much (after all, no need to fix something that’s not broken, right?)  You might think of Trials Fusion as offering up a massive expansion (or addition) to the elements which helped propel it to legendary status in the first place.  Most notably, there’s an incredibly fun-looking multiplayer mode that’s been added which promises to deliver hours upon hours of excitement to you and all of your friends.

At the same time, the game’s developers are planning to add even more content to ensure that their IP continues to grow and expand.  According to Tero Virtala, managing director for Red Lynx:

“… when people get their hands on Trials, they’ll find it is the biggest and best Trials game ever. …we already have a roadmap of expansions, content packs and a plan for how we intend to keep on growing the game and making it bigger and better.”

Look for Trials Fusion to be released by mid-April (16th for US and 18th for the UK).

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