Upcoming PS4 Exclusives I’m Ultra Excited for

When the PS4 first came out, the best games on the console were mostly just remakes or ports of past-gen games (not necessarily a bad thing for me, since I owned a 360 instead of a PS3). Now, though, the time has finally come where the PS4 is starting to get a ton of exclusives, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make the switch from Microsoft to Sony. Gears of War is dead and Halo will never be the same, but Uncharted is still going strong, and even games that have been multi-platform in the past are now only calling the PS4 home (namely Street Fighter V). In addition, there are a ton of ambitious brand new IPs that will be landing on our favorite console in the near future, and the majority of them look awesome.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

You can’t talk about PlayStation exclusives without talking about Uncharted, the series best described as Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones. For that reason, we’ll get 4 out of the way really quick… This game looks incredible. After playing around with The Nathan Drake Collection, which included remastered versions of Uncharted 13, my hype is through the roof for installment number 4, which has been teased to be the last of the series (though it probably-hopefully- won’t be). With a promising-looking campaign and what appears to be another excellent multiplayer mode, A Thief’s End will be a must-buy come March 2016.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V
It’s true… the newest installment in one of the most popular fighting game franchises of all time is coming exclusively to the PS4 (well, and PC, but not the Xbox One). In a decision that shocked gamers on both sides of the console fence, Capcom announced that only those with a PS4 (well, and PC, but not the Xbox One) were going to get to take control of Ken, Ryu and the gang, but not a lot else is known about SFV, which is slated to release sometime in 2016. Judging by the past releases in the franchise, though, it’ll be worth picking up even if you have just a mild interest in fighters.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A post apocalyptic future where you fight robot dinosaurs with a bow and variety of trick arrows… Need I say more? Horizon is an action RPG being developed by the same team that made the Killzone series we all know and love, and what little we’ve seen of the game so far looks awesome. It’s supposed to come out sometime in 2016, and while it seems to be absolutely nothing like Killzone, it still looks promising.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian
Shadows of the Colossus came out a long time ago, but it’s still widely hailed as one of the best games ever made. The Last Guardian is made by the same developer, Team Ico, so it’s easy to get excited about… but it’s also easy to be let down when you realize that it’s been announced since 2009. Team Ico has switched the game from a PS3 to a PS4 title, and they promise it’ll be released sometime in 2016, and we can only cross our fingers that they mean it this time. Not a lot is even known about the game other than that it will tell the story of a boy and his massive bird-dog-thing… Still, when it eventually comes out, there’s no doubt that it will be excellent.

No Man’s Sky

This is one of the most ambitious looking PS4 exclusives- and really games in general- that’s slated for release in the near future. We got a small taste of what’s to come from the E3 trailer, and every second looked awesome. You’re able to seamlessly travel from at least one planet into space, fly through an asteroid belt, get in dogfights, and then land on a completely different planet, complete with unique flora and fauna. A mining element was teased, but we really don’t know a lot else about No Man’s Sky… Still, being able to fly from one planet to another with no loading screens while never losing graphical quality is an incredible feat, and I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

Nate R.

I'm Nate, PS4 gamer and freelance writer from Denver... I like to game, obviously, as well as hike and camp and all of that stereotypical stuff! My favorite game of all time is GTA: San Andreas, but I love playing Diablo 3 with my girlfriend!

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