8 PS4 Games that could be Announced in 2016

We know that there are a plethora of good games coming to the PS4 during the rest of 2015 and all through 2016, but what’s next for PlayStation gamers? Will we see new titles be announced a few months before release like Fallout 4, or will we have to wait years to actually get to play them, like games in the GTA series? There’s no telling, but the following 8 games are my best guesses for what could be coming next.

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2

Developer Naughty Dog is putting the finishing touches on Uncharted 4 right now, but when it’s finally completed and released next March, what’s next? We can only hope for The Last of Us 2. The original TLoU was considered one of the best games on the PS3 and, by some, one of the best games ever, so it seems like a no brainier that an eventual sequel will come out. SPOILERS: we know that our heroes are still out there and still have zombies and other enemies to deal with (including the now very pissed off Fireflys), so there is still a story to be told here.

Call of Duty: World at War 2

Call of Duty World at War 2
CoD has become the sports game of shooters, with a new version usually being released every November. The upcoming Black Ops III looks to be one of the most refreshing entries in the series, and it may revitalize interest in a franchise that is admittedly starting to become less and less appealing as time goes on. That being said, if the three developers that make CoD games stick to their rotating schedule, it’ll be Infinity Ward’s turn to pick up the reins again, and their last title, Call of Duty: Ghosts, was considered by many to be one of the worst in the franchise. Anyway, if you had to put your money on one of the games on this list definitely being announced, it’s should be the next CoD game, however, many are wanting a return to the classic World War 2 theme. The futuristic settings are becoming a little repetitive, so could we hear about World at War 2? Let’s hope so.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5
The Far Cry series exploded into console popularity with the release of Far Cry 3, and the first next-gen installment, Far Cry 4, brought the series to the PS4 in a good way. Far Cry Primal was announced recently, but it looks and feels more like an expansion to 4 other than a completely new game. Considering how fast it was announced after 4, though, I’d be willing to bet that the dev team is already talking about the setting and gameplay features that could be present in 5. I hope the series returns to Africa for the variety of animals and the civil war element… Just don’t bring back the malaria feature (and maybe add a plane?), and we’ll be good.

The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls VI

Fallout 4 is all but done, and while The Elder Scrolls: Online was only recently ported to the PS4, 2016 seems like a great time to announce the true next-gen sequel to Skyrim. This would be a game that everybody would buy, so Bethesda would be crazy not to make it, which means the question is definitely one of “when,” not “if.” Just think about it- the possibilities are endless when it comes to a next-gen TES game! The world will be massive, the quests will be endless (and hopefully they’ll listen to the fans about repetition), the graphics and sound will be amazing, the AI will be better than ever before… I’m getting hyped just thinking about it!

007: Spectre

007 Spectre ps4
The latest Bond movie, named Spectre, is set to become a huge seller with mass appeal, for that reason alone, it makes sense that we could also hear about the video game counterpart sometime next year – that’s if there is even one being made. Pure speculation, but it’s quite probable. Because Bond films are kept as secret as possible whilst being made, to prevent leaked details, it’s this reason as to why you never hear about the game until quite a while after a film’s launch. With that said, it’s possible that we might hear something about Spectre releasing on the PS4 sometime next year. If it could be anything close to the blockbuster Nintendo 64 release Golden Eye, then we’d be in for something really special. Making it a PS4 exclusive would, of course, be another great move, but unlikely. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one.

FIFA Street

FIFA Street
We are yet to see or even hear about a FIFA Street title for either 8th gen console, but this could also change next year. Having a kick about with skills and combos the main objective to winning a match, would all playout well on the PS4, that’s for sure. The question is; will EA be ready to announce their next FIFA Street title? Only time will tell, but it’s likely to happen sooner or later.

Until Dawn 2

until dawn 2
It seems fair to say that after playing Until Dawn, it leaves you wanting more, and that’s why we’re likely to hear about the next title sometime in 2016. Expect new characters, a different location, but another amazing plot. Whilst the snowy setting was absolutely stunning, could we next head to a completely different setting such as the jungle? Possibly. It’s hard not to imagine the endless possibilities that Sony could dream up next.

Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA V has been out for a few years now, and while its online mode is still going strong, fans will always be ready for the next installment in this groundbreaking series. In fact, many people have already begun to speculate where VI might take place. Recreations of London and Boston are popular theories, but many people want to see the franchise return to Vice City, Rockstar’s version of Miami. One of the things that made GTA Vice City so great was the time period though, not necessarily the city itself, so it would be interesting to see what Rockstar could do with their satirized Miami in the modern world. Still, GTA VI being announced in 2016 isn’t very likely, but it will be the most hyped announcement if it does happen.

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